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  • Women's Leadership in Resident Theaters

    Completed 2018
    Women's Leadership

    The Wellesley Centers for Women partnered with American Conservatory Theater (A.C.T.) to study gender equity in leadership opportunities in the nonprofit American theater.

  • The Audit Study: Do Some College Activities Boost Chances of Entry to Corporate Careers?

    Education and careers

    This study looks at what influence college activities have on recruiters considering people for corporate leadership positions.

  • Cambodian Working Mothers in Lowell, MA: A qualitative study on acculturation and work-family balance

    Completed 2011
    Acculturation and work-family balance for Cambodian working mothers in Lowell, MA

    To better understand how the at-risk population of Cambodian working mothers adjusts to life in the United States—and to perhaps find more ways to help ameliorate those risks — this project aimed to understand how this population traverses the challenges of working outside the home and maintaining their roles as family caretakers.

  • Rabat Roundtable: Women Leading Change in the Arab and Muslim Communities

    Completed in 2011
    Rabat Roundtable: Women Leading Change in the Arab and Muslim Communities

    international work  This roundtable to be held in Rabat, Morocco in spring 2011 brings together women advocates and law and policy makers who are working to advance the rights and status of women in the Muslim community. 

  • Gender and Justice Project on Female Offenders

    2009 - 2012

    In 2009-2012, Erika Kates, Ph.D., Senior Research Scientist and Crystal An, M.A., Project Assistant, worked with a diverse group of policymakers, advocates and administrators on three action-oriented research projects. These projects were designed to draw attention to the special circumstances of women involved with criminal justice agencies, highlight women-centered resources, and suggest more cost-effective policies and practices.

  • Women’s Leadership Network: Women’s Political, Public, & Economic Participation in the Muslim World

    Completed 2012
    Muslim Women Leaders Network

    tinyglobe Through this project, a network of women leaders in countries where either Islam is a state religion, or has a large community that is governed by religious laws including Islamic laws, has been convened to build a body of scholarship that can be a platform for advocacy and sharing of strategies on emerging issues that bolster women's political, public and business participation.

  • U.S.-Saudi Women’s Forum on Social Entrepreneurship

    Completed in 2009
    Promoting Social Entrepreneurship for Saudi Women

    tinyglobe This collaborative project involves sharing best practices and training to promote social entrepreurship by women in Saudi Arabia.

  • Gender & the Law in China Expert Group Consultation

    Completed 2012
    Chinese Expert Group on Gender & Law

    international work  The project brings together China’s leading scholars on gender and the law to build common cause on women’s rights in China.

  • Women in Development IQC: Gender Matters

    2002-2005, 2007-2008
    School-related Gender Violence in Developing Countries

    international work   Through this project, a review was developed to identify, annotate, and synthesize research studies and projects/interventions addressing primary and secondary school-related gender-based violence in developing countries. The review was conducted in 2002-2003 and again in 2007-2008.

  • Who Does She Think She Is?

    A Full-Length Documentary About Women Artists

    This project led to a full-length documentary exploring the lives of five women artists who are also mothers.

  • Impact of Work Organization on Women’s Postpartum Health

    Completed 2012
    The Impact of Work Stress on Mothers' Health

    workfamilieschildren_small20This study examines the impact of work stress on working mothers’ health during the first three years after having a child.

  • Promotion of Convention of the Rights of the Child/CEDAW as Complementary Frameworks

    Completed 2012
    Women and Children: The Human Rights Relationship

    tinyglobe This project in collaboration with UNICEF addresses, through research and analysis, the way in which women's and children's rights intersect with legislative reform.

  • Critical Mass Project

    Women on Corporate Boards

    Researchers will interview women board members and men who have served on boards with women among Fortune 1000 companies to determine how a critical mass of women serving on a board affects corporate governance.

  • Convene Asia Regional Law Reform Working Group and Train the Trainer Seminar

    Completed 2012
    Asia Lawyers without Borders

    international work  This program brings together a working group of lawyers and jurists from Asia to focus on law reform in the region. The working group will examine the role that gender-based strategic litigation can play in advancing equality, non-discrimination, and human rights.

  • Advancing the Intersections of Women’s, Children’s, and Disability Rights in the Domestic, Regional, and International Arenas

    Completed 2012
    In Bangladesh, Nepal, Cambodia, and India

    international work  This project is based on the model of past work dealing with the intersections of women's, and children's, and disability rights in Bangladesh and Nepal. It is a multiphased project to be actualized in Bangladesh (January 2009), Nepal (January 2009), Cambodia (May 2009), and India (May 2009).

  • Technical Support to Ford Foundation Grantees Working on Women's Rights Issues in China

    Women's Rights in Asia

    international work  This grant allows for ongoing technical assistance to Ford Foundation grantees working on the advancement of a women’s rights agenda in China.

  • Exploratory Study of Same-Sex Marriage

    Completed 2005
    Same-Sex Marriage in Massachusetts

    Researchers examined the ways in which same-sex couples in Massachusetts perceived marriage. Interviews with couples and children illuminated reasons why same-sex couples may or may not marry and related social influences.

  • Employment, Work Conditions and Health Among Older Workers

    Completed 2004
    Workplace environment influences on older workers' health 

    workfamilieschildren_small20This project proposes to advance scientific knowledge regarding the relationship between health and work, and both the positive and negative conditions within a workplace.  This study asks how important employment really is toward productivity and health in an older workers' life.

  • Bringing Yourself to Work: Caregiving in After-School Environments

    Caregiving in After-School Environments

    Researchers of this project found that adults who have an awareness of their own relational needs and capacities have the potential to be more effective caregivers and role models in childcare setting, resulting in better outcomes for both the adults and children.

  • Women in Prison and Family Connection

    2003 - 2008
    Incarcerated Women and Their Families

    This project involves coordinating a coalition to identify best practices for serving women in Massachusetts' prisons.

  • Women in Community Development (WICD)

    2001 - 2002
    Women, Social Class, Community Leadership

    This project was an evaluation of a program that looked at the ways in which low income women benefit or suffer from various approaches to community and leadership development.

  • Women's Rights Network

    2000 - 2004
    Gender and Justice

    This inactive project examined women's rights and continued indirectly through the Gender and Justice Project and the Battered Mother's Testimony Project.

  • Women Leaders

    Completed in 2000
    Strengths of Women's Leadership

    This project examined the experiences of women leaders in varying fields, in order to teach other women how to advance in similar ways and overcome barriers.

  • Perceptions of Work Environments and Relationships (POWER)

    Completed in 2006
    Social Class Perceptions of Work Environments

    This program examined the ways urban high school students benefit from and utilize school-to-work programs, with an exploration of class differences on work relationships and overall experience.

  • A Course on Women Shaping Society

    Completed 2009
    Designing a New Gender Studies Course

    international work This collaboration between the Asian University for Women (AUW) and the Wellesley Centers for Women resulted in the design of a year-long gender studies course, Women Shaping Society.

  • Building a Skilled and Stable Workforce for After School Programs

    Building Afterschool Programs: Workforce

    Researchers gathered economists, policy-makers, and funders to develop several recommendations for building a skilled and stable workforce for After School Programs.

  • Experiencing Globalization: The Construction of Gender and Ethnicity in the TNC Workplace

    Gender and Ethnicity in the Transnational Corporate Workplace

    international  work  This project examined the gendered nature of Korean transnational corporations, highlighting the ways in which features of the workplace shape individual and communal identity.

  • Strengthening Gender Equality and Anti-Discrimination in China

    Completed 2012
    Providing Support to Ford Foundation's Grantees Working on Women's Rights and Anti-Discrimination

    international work  This project seeks to build on our work with partners in China and embark on a series of programs aimed at strengthening equality and non-discrimination in the areas of sex, residency and disability.

  • Accessing the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities to Empower Women and Children with Disabilities in Bangladesh and Nepal

    Completed 2012
    Uniting Women's Rights and Disability Rights

    international work  The overarching goal of this project is to facilitate full citizenship rights for women and children with disabilities in Bangladesh and Nepal

  • Gender and Transnational Corporations (TNCs)

    Gender Roles and Risks in Global Corporations

    international work  Firms across the globe that engage in international production and manufacturing employ many women. This research outlined various risks and perceived benefits associated for female employees.

  • Working Connections Project: A special project at the Jean Baker Miller Training Institute

    Growth-Fostering Connections in Work Environments

    This project is designed to explore and develop approaches to enhancing business practice and productivity through relational and emotional intelligence, and encourages mutual empowerment, the shifting of organizational norms, and continuous learning and teaching.

  • Higher Education for Low-Income Women: Advocacy at State and National Levels

    1987 - 2007
    Higher ed and women's economic status

    This action project involved mobilization of scholars and policymakers to address economic status and women's educational and professional development.

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