Ongoing since 2008

Project Directors: Laura Pappano

The Women’s Sports Leadership Project has the overarching goal of collecting, analyzing, and disseminating information on gender disparities in organized athletics for the purpose of articulating a new vision of female leadership that legitimizes and connects athletic experience to off-the-field skills. In connecting athletics with economic, social, and political power this project seeks recognition that organized athletics has a democratic role and responsibility to promote gender-equitable policies and practices.

The project includes research components related to:

  • Collecting and analyzing data on ticket prices for college sports

  • Considering the implications of athletic rule differences between men’s and women’s “versions” of sports

  • Articulating legal barriers that remain (despite passage of Title IX)

  • Articulating and gaining broad recognition for the breadth and value of the female athletic experience

View Project Proposal. is a news website dedicated to reporting on and commenting/blogging about gender equity issues in sport, and connecting via the web individuals interested in the importance of athletics to social, political, and economic fair play. will also offer Wellesley College students the opportunity to develop online journalism, writing, and technology skills.