Completed 2012

Project Director: Rangita de Silva-de Alwis, LL.M., S.J.D.

tinyglobe This project in collaboration with UNICEF addresses, through research and analysis, the way in which women's and children's rights intersect with legislative reform. Project outcomes include: developing a comprehensive handbook chapter on New Developments in Legislative Reform to advance women's and children's rights; active engagement in the conference on legislative reform in New York City, and; convening a regional workshop in South Asia promoting awareness of the linkages and synergies between the Convention of the Rights of the Child and CEDAW for the realization of women's and children's rights.

Select publications:

Resource matrix: Mapping the Intersections of CEDAW & CRC Concluding Observations--Review of the Most Recent Asian State Party Reports (as of August 2007)
Conference Concept Paper
Child Marriage and the Law paper
Legislative Reform on Child Domestic Labour - A Gender Analysis paper
Women's and Children's Rights in a Human Rights Based Approach paper
Women’s Rights in Labour Migration and Children’s Rights paper (9M)


Please see the conference webpages for further details about speakers, the program, and more.