Project Director: Michelle Seligson

This project led to a full-length documentary exploring the lives of five women artists who are also mothers.

Who Does She Think She Is? is a feature-length documentary that explores the lives of five women artists who are also mothers. In the film, each of the women sustains the competing claims on her heart despite financial hardship, institutional disinterest, and lack of support. Historically, women have not been able to mother and make art--neither pay. So how do these women do it? And why should it matter to us? Who Does She Think She Is? tells the story of ordinary women who pursue their calling--at a price--but for whom art has the power to transform their lives, and perhaps ours, into a deeper experience of living. The film was produced by Mystic Artists in collaboration with the Wellesley Centers for Women.


Director: Pamela Tanner Boll
Editor/Co-Director: Nancy Kennedy
Producers: Will Dunning and Michelle Seligson
Associate Producer: Laura Madden
Director of Photography: Gary Henoch
Consulting Producer: Heidi Reinberg
Sound: Juan Rodriguez
Composer: John McDowell

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