Completed 2012

Project Director: Rangita de Silva-de Alwis, LL.M., S.J.D.

Funder: The Ford Foundation

international work  The project brings together China’s leading scholars on gender and the law to build common cause on women’s rights in China.


tinyglobe  The China Gender and the Law Expert Group Consultation will bring together China’s leading gender and the law scholars and practitioners to build common cause on some of the exciting and emerging new developments in gender and the law and women’s rights in China. The aim of the Expert Group Consultation is to provide the members a platform to share ideas and strategize with each other on collaborative work that will spawn new opportunities to advance exciting new research and action on women’s rights in China. Moreover, this meeting will provide an opportunity to brainstorm with their counterparts in the United States and the Asian region. The hope is that these new and strengthened multi- disciplinary partnerships will renew shared commitments while provoking cross disciplinary research agendas, new insights, plural strategies and a common vision that will augment the work of all participants at the Expert Group Consultation.


It is the hope that the Expert Group will continue to work with the commentators over a period of time and develop a virtual network consisting of the China Gender and Law Expert Group and commentators from the U.S. who could help provide input and comparative perspectives to the work plan.


The Expert Group met on the Wellesley College campus in September 2009.