Lunchtime Seminar November 1, 2012 (31:08 min.)
Nan SteinIn this presentation, Nan Stein, Ph.D., talked about the shift that the terms used to teach about interpersonal violence among youth in K-12 schools have undergone in the last few decades.

Lunchtime Seminar October 25, 2012 (37:09 min.)

Jennifer GrossmanThis presentation looked at the qualitative interviews from 32 parents/guardians whose 7th grade children were part of the “Get Real” evaluation program, a three-year comprehensive sex education program for grades 6, 7, and 8.


Linda CharmaramanLunchtime Seminar October 18, 2012 (39:59 min.)

Partnering with Boston-based Teen Voices to produce a short video series, this year-long collaborative multi-media project, funded by the Schott Foundation for Public Education, was designed to understand and reveal key issues related to the educational equity of girls of color.

Amy HoffmanLunchtime Seminar October 11, 2012 (38:42 min.)

Reclaiming and reframing history has been even more important for the LGBT movement than it has been for other identity-based movements--because our history and culture is not passed down to us by our families, communities, or the larger culture.

Lunchtime Seminar September 27, 2012 (49:42 min.)
Michelle Porche and Lisa Fortuna
In this seminar, Michelle Porche, Ed.D., and Lisa Fortuna, M.D., MPH, M.Div., presented results from a mixed-methods study of adolescents in a detox and stabilization residential treatment center.

Rangita de Silva-de Alwis

Lunchtime Seminar April 20, 2012 (52:46 min.)

The Arab Spring was a powerful reminder of the global community we live in today and the importance of transnational idea sharing.

Judy JordanLunchtime Seminar April 12, 2012 (36:16 min.)

Women's work relationships are a complex and often contradictory subject. Popular culture portrays women's workplace relationships as largely negative, with women often described as catty, mean, or intrinsically untrustworthy.

Lunchtime Seminar April 5, 2012 (57:52 min.)

Tracy GladstoneProject CATCH-IT is a combined primary care/internet-based preventive intervention that aims to reduce the risk of depression in adolescents with depressive symptoms.  It is designed to teach teens strategies to prevent depression.

Lunchtime Seminar March 15, 2012 (50:52 min.)

Prostituted children are vulnerable to exploitation through the lack of secure relationships and histories of betrayal.

Amy HoffmanLunchtime Seminar March 8, 2012 (34:11 min.)

Amy Hoffman, MFA, editor-in-chief of Women's Review of Books, read excerpts from her forthcoming memoir, Lies About My Family. The book deals with issues of continuity and discontinuity between generations, immigration, and family bonds.

WCW Lunchtime Seminar Series

    • Wellesley Centers for Women (WCW) scholars offer seminar and panel presentations during which they share their work with other scholars and the general public. The WCW Lunchtime Seminar Series, for example, offers residents and visitors to the Greater Boston area the opportunity to hear, in person, about work by WCW researchers and program staff. Other special events bring these researchers and program staff into communities for special presentations to the Centers' many constituents.

    • Recordings of some past lunchtime seminars and other special events may be heard by clicking on the links below. You may need to adjust the volume when playing an audio file on your computer.

    • Please note that data and background information cited in these presentations were current for the date of the presentation but should not necessarily be considered the most current research on the related issues today.

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