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Georgia Hall, Ph.D., Gretchen Larson: Summer Slide: Not Your Average Playground
Lunchtime Seminar November 7, 2013 (49:15 min.)

HallResearch on the achievement gap suggests that the average student loses the equivalent of one month of instruction over the summer, and that the amount of loss differs for subsets of students. Enter – summer learning programs. In this presentation Georgia Hall, Ph.D. and Gretchen Larson discussed how innovative school communities have repurposed summer learning programs to focus on more enriching and engaging, academically-focused learning experiences. Hall is a senior research scientist at the National Institute on Out-of-School Time (NIOST) and specializes in research and evaluation on youth development programs, settings, and learning experiences.  View presentation slides or Boston Summer Learning Project video.

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Sari Pekkala Kerr, Ph.D.: Parental Leave Legislation and Women's Work: A Story of Unequal Opportunities
Lunchtime Seminar October 24, 2013 (59:46 min.)

KerrIn this lunchtime seminar, Sari Pekkala Kerr, Ph.D., discussed the effects of State and Federal family leave legislation on parental leave coverage and usage, with a specific focus on low-income households and other disadvantaged families. Disadvantaged families are less likely to be covered by parental leave, and even those who are covered may not be able to afford to take unpaid leave. Kerr also explained the effects of parental leave policies on women's labor market careers for this relatively under-researched population. The analysis uses the National Longitudinal Survey of Youth (NLSY 1979), and the NICHD Study of Early Child Care data. View the slides from her presentation

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Beatrice Achieng Nas, B.A.: Women in Africa: Where is the Wasted Potential?
Lunchtime Seminar October 17, 2013 (31:18 min.)

Beatrice-Achieng-NasBeatrice Achieng Nas works with the program IREX, a Community Solutions Program, which works to help individuals and institutions build up vibrant societies – focusing on education, media, and strong communities. Beatrice has been working with communities focusing on education and empowerment for girls. In this lunchtime seminar, Beatrice talked about women in Africa and her own personal life story. Women in Africa are the untapped resources for development. They have potential, but it is often buried by traditions passed on by or from their parents, grandparents, and great grandparents. Education is the only tool that is able to tap into the potential African women have and to boost development in Africa. An accompanying video about Beatrice's work can be found here. View her presentation slides.

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Amy Hoffman, M.F.A.: A Reading from a chapter of Hoffman's Novel-in-progress, The Off Season
Lunchtime Seminar October 10, 2013 (20:31 min.)

ahoffmanIn this presentation, Amy Hoffman, editor-in-chief of Women's Review of Books, read an excerpt from her forthcoming novel, The Off Season. The novel is set in the lesbian community in Provincetown, Massachusetts. It's about relationships coming together and falling apart, art, environmentalism, and mid-life crises. 

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Layli Maparyan, Ph.D.: Womanism, Feminism, and the Business of Moving Social/Ecological Change Forward
Lunchtime Seminar April 25, 2013 (58:52 min.)

MaparyanWomanism and feminism each offer distinctive social change models. When we examine what each contributes to the process of increasing justice and wellbeing in the world for women and girls, their families and communities, and even the natural environment, we recognize that each is essential to a comprehensive approach. Furthermore, when they work in tandem, they amplify the power of our efforts. In this seminar, Layli Maparyan leads a discussion about our own research and action at the Wellesley Centers for Women (WCW) alongside captivating national and international case studies of others who have made a difference, and we imagined a dynamic, synergistic model of feminist/womanist praxis for WCW. 

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Amy Banks, M.D.: Mapping Your Relational Web
Lunchtime Seminar April 11, 2013 (46:27 min.)

Amy BanksIn order to change relationships and the brain pathways that guide them, you must have an in-depth, nuanced understanding of your relationships. In this seminar, Banks taught participants how to map their relational webs, a process of identifying the quality and quantity of the relationships that are shaping their brains. From the assessment, participants identified relational and controlling images that may be interfering with current relationships and identified relationships with low risk where they may be more successful at increasing intimacy or closeness.

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Nancy MacKay, B.S., Pamela Seigle, M.S., Michelle Porche, Ed.D.: Teaching Presence: Bringing Mindfulness and Reflective Practices into K-5 Classrooms
Lunchtime Seminar April 4, 2013 (41:23 min.)

april4lss audioimageIn this seminar, Nancy MacKay, B.S., Pamela Seigle, M.S., and Michelle Porche, Ed.D. shared practices, insights and findings from a pilot program funded by the Center for Courage & Renewal titled “Weaving Strong Connections of Learning, Reflection and Mindfulness.” The program explored how training in reflective and mindfulness practices affects elementary school teachers’ self-awareness, self-management, stress management, teaching practice, and job satisfaction. Twenty-six teachers with prior training and experience implementing the Open Circle Curriculum for social and emotional learning participated in the pilot. The program, which included four days of training between January through September 2012, also explored mindfulness and reflective practice lessons and activities for elementary school students that teachers can easily incorporate into their existing Open Circle practice.

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WCW Lunchtime Seminar Series

    • Wellesley Centers for Women (WCW) scholars offer seminar and panel presentations during which they share their work with other scholars and the general public. The WCW Lunchtime Seminar Series, for example, offers residents and visitors to the Greater Boston area the opportunity to hear, in person, about work by WCW researchers and program staff. Other special events bring these researchers and program staff into communities for special presentations to the Centers' many constituents.

    • Recordings of some past lunchtime seminars and other special events may be heard by clicking on the links below. You may need to adjust the volume when playing an audio file on your computer.

    • Please note that data and background information cited in these presentations were current for the date of the presentation but should not necessarily be considered the most current research on the related issues today.

  • The Wellesley Centers for Women Lunchtime Seminar Series is made possible by support from The Cowles/Sulzberger Fund, an endowed gift to the Wellesley Centers for Women.