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Nan D. Stein, Ed.D.: The Shift from Teen Dating Violence to Healthy Relationship Promotion: Losing the Gender Perspective
Lunchtime Seminar November 1, 2012 (31:08 min.)

In this presentation, Nan Stein, Ph.D., talked about the shift that the terms used to teach about interpersonal violence among youth in K-12 schools have undergone in the last few decades. The vocabulary previously utilized, such as "teen dating violence" or "rape prevention education" has morphed into "healthy relationship promotion," silencing the salience of both gender and violence. The preponderance of male violence in interpersonal relationships as confirmed by a variety of surveys and crime reports has been transformed into explanations that present relationship violence is one that is mutually created, sustained and experienced equivalently by males and females. Whether prevention education on teen dating violence to students in middle and secondary schools is implemented by staff from sexual assault and domestic violence agencies or is conducted by school district personnel through health education classes, a requirement that unfortunately is in decline in public education, gender neutrality seems to prevail.

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Jennifer Grossman, Ph.D.: "The Talk": How Teen Parents Talk About Sex with the Next Generation
Lunchtime Seminar October 25, 2012 (37:09 min.)

grossmanThis presentation looked at the qualitative interviews from 32 parents/guardians whose 7th grade children were part of the “Get Real” evaluation program, a three-year comprehensive sex education program for grades 6, 7, and 8. The interviews covered parents' experiences of sexual communication in their families of origin, and how sexual education and experiences shaped how parents approached sexual communication with their own teen children. Jennifer Grossman, Ph.D., shared findings from this study, and compared how teen parents and older parents in the sample talked about these issues.

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Linda Charmaraman, Ph.D., Rosa Lau, A.L.M.: Educational Equity for Girls of Color: A Multi-level Media Strategy
Lunchtime Seminar October 18, 2012 (39:59 min.)

Partnering with Boston-based Teen Voices to produce a short video series, this year-long collaborative multi-media project, funded by the Schott Foundation for Public Education, was designed to understand and reveal key issues related to the educational equity of girls of color. In the video series, teens were featured as the experts and agents of their own learning experiences; they offerred examples of effective strategies and solutions for decreasing the achievement gap. The series also highlighted different perspectives across educators, afterschool mentors, administrators, and policymakers.

The hope for the project was to offer community-based and social media opportunities for dialogue about dispelling stereotypes and dismantling barriers to success for young women of color. In this presentation, Linda Charmaraman, Ph.D., and Rosa Lau, A.L.M., discussed their journey during the project and show video clips from the series. Wellesley College student and WCW Class of '67 intern Temple Price also joined them to discuss dissemination strategies to reach a wide audience.

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Amy Hoffman, MFA: Reclaiming LGBT History for the LGBT Movement
Lunchtime Seminar October 11, 2012 (38:42 min.)

Reclaiming and reframing history has been even more important for the LGBT movement than it has been for other identity-based movements--because our history and culture is not passed down to us by our families, communities, or the larger culture. In this talk, Amy Hoffman, MFA, examined the recovery, content, and use of LGBT history by LGBT activists and scholars. A writer and community activist, Hoffman has been an editor at Gay Community News (GCN), South End Press, and the Unitarian Universalist World magazine. She has served on the boards of GCN, Sojourner, Gay and Lesbian Advocates and Defenders (GLAD), and the Boston Lesbian and Gay History Project and as a judge of the Lambda Literary Awards.

Hoffman’s memoir, Hospital Time, about taking care of friends with AIDS, was published by Duke University Press in 1997. It was short-listed for the American Library Association Gay Book Award and the New York Publishing Triangle Judy Grahn Award, and was a New York Public Library Books for the Teen Age selection. Her memoir An Army of Ex-Lovers, about Boston's Gay Community News and the lesbian and gay movement of the late 1970s, was published by the University of Massachusetts Press. Her memoir, Lies about My Family, is forthcoming from the University of Massachusetts Press in spring 2013. 

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Michelle Porche, Ed.D., Lisa Fortuna, M.D., MPH, M.Div.: Double Standards and Differentiated Gateways: Adolescent Girls and Boys at Risk for Substance Abuse
Lunchtime Seminar September 27, 2012 (49:42 min.)

michelle lisa lss fall12

In this seminar, Michelle Porche, Ed.D., and Lisa Fortuna, M.D., MPH, M.Div., presented results from a mixed-methods study of adolescents in a detox and stabilization residential treatment center. Chart reviews, in-depth qualitative interviews, and brief clinical measures were collected to examine trajectories of substance abuse, narratives describing factors leading to substance abuse, socio-emotional and academic outcomes, and how patterns differed for girls and boys.

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Rangita de Silva-de Alwis, S.J.D.: The Arab Spring: Challenges and Opportunities for Women
Lunchtime Seminar April 20, 2012 (52:46 min.)

The Arab Spring was a powerful reminder of the global community we live in today and the importance of transnational idea sharing. In this presentation, Rangita de Silva-de Alwis, S.J.D., director of International Human Rights Policy and the Susan McGee Baily Research Scholar at the Wellesley Centers for Women and director of the Women in Public Service Summer Institute at Wellesley College, will discuss the coming together of transnational actors at the Rabat Roundtable that convened in May 2011. She will also discuss how the work that follows, including a future meeting of women leaders from the Arab and Muslim world, offers a critical space at a critical time to reflect on the role of women in political transformation and to identify challenges and impediments to women’s role in the vanguard of political reform in the Arab and Muslim World.

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Judy Jordan, Ph.D., Joyce Fletcher, Ph.D., Anne Litwin, Ph.D.: Women Working with Women
Lunchtime Seminar April 12, 2012 (36:16 min.)

Women's work relationships are a complex and often contradictory subject. Popular culture portrays women's workplace relationships as largely negative, with women often described as catty, mean, or intrinsically untrustworthy. In this presentation, Anne Litwin, Ph.D., Judith V. Jordan, Ph.D., and Joyce Fletcher, Ph.D., will discuss their research on women's work relationships, which provides a more accurate and positive understanding of the origins of some patterns of relationships stereotypically seen as negative.

Download presentation slides here (pdf). 

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Tracy Gladstone, Ph.D.: Preventing Depression in Teens: The CATCH-IT Intervention Program 11/10/11
Lunchtime Seminar April 5, 2012 (57:52 min.)

Project CATCH-IT is a combined primary care/internet-based preventive intervention that aims to reduce the risk of depression in adolescents with depressive symptoms.  It is designed to teach teens strategies to prevent depression.  In this presentation, Tracy Gladstone, Ph.D., Director of the Stone Primary Prevention Initiatives at the Wellesley Centers for Women, describes the CATCH-IT intervention and presents pilot data suggesting that teens who participate in this intervention exhibit reductions in depressive symptoms and fewer episodes of depressive disorders over time.  She also describes the efficacy trial of this intervention that is currently underway at WCW.

Download powerpoint presentation here

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Kate Price, M.A.: Longing to Belong: Relational Risks and Resilience in U.S. Prostituted Children
Lunchtime Seminar March 15, 2012 (50:52 min.)

Prostituted children are vulnerable to exploitation through the lack of secure relationships and histories of betrayal. Furthermore, the very assumption that children will be protected is fundamental to our proprietary, private family-based (white, heterosexual) culture. And yet, prostituted children, like all people, require nurturing relationships and belonging. Providing relationship-building and conflict resolution skills, within the framework of prostituted children's relational challenges such as Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and betrayal histories, provides hope and agency in a culture that is ready to disregard and incriminate children who do not fit in the innocence mold. Kate Price, M.A., is Program Associate at the Jean Baker Miller Training Institute.

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Amy Hoffman, MFA: "Spinning," a reading from a chapter of my family memoir, "Lies about My Family"
Lunchtime Seminar March 8, 2012 (34:11 min.)

Amy Hoffman, MFA, editor-in-chief of Women's Review of Books, read excerpts from her forthcoming memoir, Lies About My Family. The book deals with issues of continuity and discontinuity between generations, immigration, and family bonds. Amy is also the author of Hospital Time, about taking care of friends with AIDS, was published by Duke University Press in 1997, and An Army of Ex-Lovers, about Boston's Gay Community News and the lesbian and gay movement of the late 1970s, was published by the University of Massachusetts Press.

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