Ongoing since 2019

Project Directors: Linda Charmaraman, Ph.D. and Catherine Delcourt, Ph.D.

Funded by: I Am Strong Foundation, Co-sponsored by Wellesley Centers for Women and Wellesley College Computer Science Department

Early adolescence is a particularly vulnerable age due to heightened awareness of peer status, approval, and rejection. It is associated with a drop in self-esteem, weaker academic performance, and increased anxiety and competition with others. Because teens spend so much time online, supporting healthy social media use through mobile platforms could reach more individuals than traditional dissemination of psychological services. 95% of teens from all racial backgrounds have access to a smartphone, 85% use social media sites, and 45% of them are online constantly.

The primary goals of this study were to form community partnership with middle school students, counselors, educators, and parents in hopes of a) identifying and addressing mental health and wellbeing needs of young teens using smartphones, games, and social media, b) developing a plan to target these needs through a social media awareness mobile app, and c) piloting a summer workshop with students to address wellbeing needs through social technologies.

For this project, the Youth, Media & Wellbeing Research Lab collaborated with a team of community and academic experts from media literacy, counseling, computer science, and STEM learning to generate interest in developing a social media wellbeing awareness mobile app, co-designed by youth who would be the primary users of the app.

Summer Workshops

As part of this project, the Youth, Media & Wellbeing Research Lab held annual workshops for middle school students on STEM, digital wellbeing, and identity. The workshops provided opportunities for youth to have conversations with guest speakers in STEM fields, explore their identities through creative activities, and collaboratively design and test-drive their own social media sites. Participants reported that the workshops made them more aware of ways to use social media in more productive, healthy, and inclusive ways. They also experienced significant increases in self-esteem and agency.

Read more about the workshops:

Summer 2021 Workshop

The Youth, Media & Wellbeing Research Lab and the Computer Science Department at Wellesley College are hosting a free virtual summer workshop for middle school girls about designing healthier social media experiences. The workshop will be remote and run Monday - Thursday, July 19-23 from 1:00 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. EST. The workshop is open to girls across the U.S. and will accept approximately 25 participants.

Eligibility Requirements include:

  • Wifi access and a home device to attend Zoom meetings and access websites
  • Entering 6th-8th grade in Fall 2021
  • Ability to attend all 4 days of the workshop
  • Priority will be given to students from the summer 2020 workshop waitlist
  • Preference will be given to girls from backgrounds traditionally underrepresented in STEM fields such as racial/ethnic minorities, first generation to attend college, etc.

Contact for more information about future workshops or follow the lab on Instagram.

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