Amy Banks

Amy Banks

Senior Scholar

Director of Advanced Training at the Jean Baker Miller Training Institute

M.D., Georgetown University

Directs the advanced training program at the Jean Baker Miller Training Institute at WCW, focusing on relational-cultural therapy in psychology and the neurobiology of connection

Amy Banks, M.D., has devoted her career to understanding the neurobiology of relationships. In addition to her work at the Jean Baker Miller Training Institute (JBMTI), she was an instructor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School and author of Four Ways to Click: Rewire Your Brain for Stronger, More Rewarding Relationships. She is the first person to bring relational-cultural theory together with neuroscience and is the foremost expert in the combined field. Banks has spoken throughout the country on the neurobiology of relationship and has an ongoing passion to spread the message that we are hardwired for connection



Banks was the psychiatrist-in-charge of The Women’s Treatment Program, a residential and day treatment program at McLean Hospital based on relational-cultural theory; she was the team psychiatrist for the Victims of Violence Program at Cambridge Hospital; and she was Medical Director for Mental Health at the Fenway Community Health Center in Boston, MA.

In 2011, she was the keynote speaker, alongside Daniel Siegal and Beth Hartman McGilley, on the topic “The Mind and the Relational Brain: The Next Integration” at the conference Feminist Relational Perspectives and Beyond. Banks is also a member of the core group of Harville Hendrix’s Relationships First, a small group of prestigious scientists and cultural leaders who promote the idea that “healthy relationships are non-negotiable in a healthy society.”


After graduating magna cum laude from Tufts University, Amy earned her medical degree at Georgetown University and continued her psychiatric training at the Massachusetts Mental Health Center, a Harvard residency program.