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Michelle Porche, Ed.D. and Myra Rosen-Reynoso, Ph.D.: Co-Morbid Physical and Mental Health Care Needs for Children and Youth at Risk for Obesity
Lunchtime Seminar October 30, 2014 (54:42 min.)

Porsche and Rosen-Reynoso headshotIn this presentation Michelle Porche, Ed.D. and Myra Rosen-Reynoso, Ph.D. discussed findings from the 2012 National Survey of Children’s Health, which they used to investigate prevalence of co-occurring chronic physical and mental health care needs that put youth at increased risk for obesity, and for poor academic performance in school. View presentation slides

The presenters also recommend a seven-minute report from PBS News Hour (Oct. 27, 2014) focused on "Equal Access: Empowering students with disabilities to find exercises they love" -- 

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Linda Charmaraman, Ph.D. and Amanda Richer, M.A.: Televised and Social Media: Promoting Healthy Wellbeing for Vulnerable You
Lunchtime Seminar October 16, 2014 (54:42 min.)

Charmaraman90x90In this presentation Linda Charmaraman, Ph.D. and Amanda Richer, M.A. discussed the latest findings from the Media & Identity study and examined how the consumption of televised media and the use of social media affects young people. View presentation slides.

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Layli Maparyan, Ph.D.: From 40 to 50: A Roadmap to WCW's Half Century Mark
Lunchtime Seminar October 2, 2014 (44:11 min.)

MaparyanIn this presentation Layli Maparyan, Ph.D. discussed the Wellesley Centers for Women roadmap for the next decade to amplify WCW’s social-change impact, reinforce the Centers’ sustainability, and refine the organization's unique contributions to women’s leadership, Wellesley College, and the world. View presentation slides.


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Maureen Walker, Ph.D.: It's Not About Checking a Box: Confronting the Claims of Post-racialism
Lunchtime Seminar May 1, 2014 (58:14 min.)

WalkerOne of the more insidious myths of post-racialism is that conversations about race and racism have no legitimacy in the cultural narrative of 21st century. Such a claim obscures the complex relational dynamics of modern racialized culture and functions to functions to constrict out awareness, thus limiting our capacity to think, feel and act with clarity and purpose. In this seminar Maureen Walker, Ph.D. highlighted some of the competencies required to recast the terms of the conversation, allowing participants to leave the program more empowered to engage the complexities of racialized experience with greater clarity and compassion. View the presentation slides.

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Tracy Gladstone, Ph.D.: Preventing Depression in At-Risk Adolescents: The CATCH-IT Intervention Program
Lunchtime Seminar April 24, 2014 (54:07 min.)

GladstoneIn this lunchtime seminar, Tracy Gladstone, Ph.D. presented on the CATCH-IT program, a primary care technology-based depression prevention program targeting adolescents who are at risk for depressive illness. CATCH-IT includes 14 web modules that teach strategies from behavioral activation, cognitive behavioral therapy, and interpersonal psychotherapy to strengthen protective factors and reduce vulnerability to depressive disorder. Preliminary studies reveal that the CATCH-IT intervention is acceptable to adolescents, and that the use of this intervention is associated with long-term decreases in depressive symptoms and disorders at follow-ups ranging from 6-12 months. View the presentation slides.

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Wendy Wagner Robeson, Ed.D, Nancy L.Marshall, Ed.D., Amanda Richer, M.A.: Men's Changing Family Roles
Lunchtime Seminar April 10, 2014 (50:18 min.)

Mike Brady from Brady Bunch? or Phil Dunfy from Modern Family? Who do you think of when you think of fathers today? In this lunchtime seminar, Wendy Wagner Robeson, Ed.D., Nancy L. Marshall, Ed.D. and Amanda Richer, M.A. discussed their recent research on fathers, in the context of the dramatic changes in fatherhood over the past 50 years, including preliminary results exploring connections between father involvement and engagement and their children's academic outcomes. View Richer's presentation slides.

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Erika Kates, Ph.D.: Moving Beyond Prisons: An Action Platform to Address Women's Needs in Massachusetts
Lunchtime Seminar March 27, 2014 (56:14 min.)

KatesIn this presentation Erika Kates, Ph.D. argued that to reduce the number of women in prison we must address the issue of the large number of women held in jail pending trial. Kates' research highlights the pretrial concerns of women in Massachusetts and forms the basis of the Massachusetts Women's Justice Network's action platform for change. View the presentation slides.

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WCW Lunchtime Seminar Series

    • Wellesley Centers for Women (WCW) scholars offer seminar and panel presentations during which they share their work with other scholars and the general public. The WCW Lunchtime Seminar Series, for example, offers residents and visitors to the Greater Boston area the opportunity to hear, in person, about work by WCW researchers and program staff. Other special events bring these researchers and program staff into communities for special presentations to the Centers' many constituents.

    • Recordings of some past lunchtime seminars and other special events may be heard by clicking on the links below. You may need to adjust the volume when playing an audio file on your computer.

    • Please note that data and background information cited in these presentations were current for the date of the presentation but should not necessarily be considered the most current research on the related issues today.

  • The Wellesley Centers for Women Lunchtime Seminar Series is made possible by support from The Cowles/Sulzberger Fund, an endowed gift to the Wellesley Centers for Women.