Ongoing since 2014

Project Directors: Joanne Roberts, Ph.D. and Wendy Wagner Robeson, Ed.D.
Funder: U.S. Department of Education, Investing in Innovation (i3) with The Providence Plan

This project is designed to support children's social-emotional and cognitive development.

Empowering Families is designed to build the capacity of families with young children (grades K-3) to support their children's social-emotional and cognitive development, while enhancing the ability of these families to collaborate more effectively with their child's teachers and other school personnel. The researchers will examine how effectively Mind in the Making  (MITM) is implemented and what differences are seen in MITM classrooms, parents, students, and families. Some of the questions addressed are: Do participating MITM families exhibit greater levels of parental education involvement, parental efficacy and attitudes towards family involvement compared to a matched sample of non-participating families (control group)? Do children of MITM parents have better social skills, acadmic outcomes, and a smoother transition to kindergarten compared to control group? Do teachers report changing classroom practices after MITM? Do children in participating classrooms have better outcomes comapred to children of non-participating classrooms in the same schools? Are outcomes influenced by whether parent, a teacher, or both completed MITM? Results of this evaluation will inform changes to MITM content and teaching strategies and will identify key areas of difference to illustrate the impact of the program on children's development and parent-school involvement.