Sari Pekkala Kerr Projects


  • Career Dynamics: A Longitudinal Analysis of U.S. Firms and Households

    Ongoing since: 2018

    This study focuses on understanding the dynamics of gender earnings and employment gaps with age and career experience in the U.S. With colleagues at the National Bureau of Economic Research, Kerr will use a large and extraordinary dataset to explore many of the important features of and reasons for the widening (and subsequent narrowing) of the gender earnings gap with age.

  • Census SBOX Project

    Ongoing since 2015
    Work-Family Issues

    This project focuses on the new longitudinal Survey of Business Owners (SBOX) and other Census Bureau data sources that can be used to cross-verify and amend the information collected via the SBOX.

  • Family Policies and Women’s Labor Market Careers

    Ongoing since 2011
    A comparison between the U.S. and Finland

    This research project analyzes the effects of family leave policies in the United States and Finland.

  • High-Skilled Immigration and the Structure of High-Tech firms

    Ongoing since 2011
    Immigration programs and policies

    This project will examine the role of firms in shaping high-skilled immigration to the United States. In particular, we exploit the combined employer - employee data of the most prominent US high tech firms to evaluate the extent to which foreign born science and engineering workers are employed, and how the work force composition is affected by the inflows of immigrant scientists. This research is funded by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation.

  • Immigrant Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Job Creation

    Ongoing since 2015

    Examining the impacts of immigrant entrepreneurs.

  • New Firms and Founders: Characteristics of Entrepreneurs in the United States

    Ongoing since 2015

    Producing reports on the demographic characteristics and personality traits of founders who are responsible for creating new U.S. firms and generating jobs


  • Segregation and Job-to-Job Mobility

    Ongoing since 2015

    Using Norwegian time-use survey data to study the effect of performance pay on the allocation of tasks within the household and analyzing worker mobility and earnings in the U.S.-linked employer employee data

  • The Importance of Information in the Choice of Study Place and Field

    Ongoing since 2011
    Educational choices and higher education

    This project will evaluate how much high school seniors know about the labor market impacts related to their study choices and how additional information affects their application process and choices among alternative study places.

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