Women's Rights Network

Program Areas and Projects

I. U.S. Human Rights Education & Advocacy Initiative
II. Global Network Against Domestic Violence & Sexual Abuse

I. US Human Rights Education & Advocacy Initiative

Overview: The goal of this Initiative is to strengthen the capacity of anti-violence activists in the United States to address domestic violence and sexual abuse by training and supporting them to use human rights tools in all aspects of their work. The Initiative is designed to:

  1. Give anti-violence activists new skills to document, educate and organize against violence against women in all of its forms.
  2. Provide anti-violence activists with the framework and support necessary to build coalitions across related issues and constituencies that, together, address the full spectrum of women's rights (such as reproductive health/rights, HIV/AIDS, and women's economic empowerment).
  3. Help build a national US women's human rights movement with a strong grassroots base as well as connections to the global women's movement.


The Battered Mothers' Testimony Project

The Women’s Rights Network is pleased to announce the release of:

Battered Mothers Speak Out: A Human Rights Report on Domestic Violence and Child Custody in the Massachusetts Family Courts

Begun in 1999, the Battered Mothers' Testimony Project is the current focus of WRN's work. This statewide project combines human rights fact-finding, qualitative research, advocacy, and community organizing to document and address the injustices inflicted on battered mothers and their children during family court child custody and visitation litigation.

To our knowledge, the Battered Mothers' Testimony Project is the first human rights initiative to address child custody and domestic violence issues.