Anita Hill

Anita F. Hill, J.D.

Senior Scholar (2007-2008)

Dr. Hill is professor of social policy, law, and women's studies at Brandeis University. During the 2007-2008 academic year she served as a Senior Scholar at the Wellesley Centers for Women and as a Newhouse Visiting Scholar at Wellesley College. Her work at Wellesley involved analyzing the nearly 25,000 pieces of correspondence she received in the wake of her testimony at the confirmation hearing of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas for a project titled "Lessons in the Letters: Learning About Race and Gender From the Private Responses to the Clarence Thomas Confirmation Hearing." She opened the WCW fall 2007 Lunchtime Seminar Series with a presentation on this topic on October 4th at the Centers' Cheever House. Dr. Hill earned her J.D. from Yale University and her B.S. from Oklahoma State University. Her scholarly publications include:

"Choice, Social Structure, and Educational Policy." Race, Markets and Social Structures. 1st ed. Ed. Emma Coleman Jordan. Thousand Oaks, California: Sage Publications, 2007 (forthcoming)

"The Embodiment of Equal Justice Under the Law." Nova Law Review 31. 2 (2007): 1-19. (forthcoming)

"What Difference Will Women Judges Make? Looking Once More at the "Woman Question"." Women and Leadership: The State of Play and Strategies for Change. 1st ed. Ed. Barbara Kellerman and Deborah Rhode. New York: Jossey-Boss, 2007. 1-29. (forthcoming)

"A History of Hollow Promises: How Choice Jurisprudence Fails to Achieve Educational Equality." Michigan Journal of Race & Law 12. 1 (2007): 107-159.

The Scholarly Legacy of A. Leon Higginbotham: Voice, Storytelling and Narrative. Rutgers Law Review, 2001.