Nancy L. Marshall

Nancy L. Marshall

Senior Research Scientist and Associate Director

B.A., Oberlin College; M.A. and Ed.D. Comparative Human Development

Researches women and employment, with a focus on working conditions and health and on work-family systems, and studies child care policy and early care and education.

Nancy Marshall is a Senior Research Scientist and an Associate Director of the Wellesley Centers for Women (WCW), as well as an Adjunct Associate Professor at Wellesley College. She received her doctorate from Harvard University in 1984. Her research at the Wellesley Centers for Women is concentrated in two areas: studies of women and employment, with a focus on working conditions and health and on work-family systems, and studies of child care policy and early care and education. She leads the Work, Families & Children team. Dr. Marshall also teaches courses at Wellesley College on gender, employment and the sociology of children and youth.

Dr. Marshall’s research has been supported by the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, the Administration for Children, Youth and Families, and the National Institute on Aging, as well as state government, private foundations and non-profit organizations. She is co-editor of Working Families: the Transformation of the American Home, and author of numerous peer-reviewed journal articles and book chapters, including “Health and Illness Issues Facing an Aging Workforce in the New Millennium,” in Sociological Spectrum; “The Quality of Early Child Care and Children’s Development,” in Current Directions in Psychological Science; and “Gender Equity in Early Childhood Education,” in NAEYC’s A World of Difference: Readings on Teaching Young Children in a Diverse Society

Dr. Marshall’s reports on early care and education in Massachusetts, including "Preparing the Early Care and Education Workforce: The Capacity of Massachusetts’ Institutions of Higher Education," "The Cost and Quality of Full-Day Year-Round Early Care and Education in Massachusetts: Infant and Toddler Classrooms," and other Cost/Quality reports, are available from the Wellesley Centers for Women.

Dr. Marshall is involved in a variety of professional activities, including serving as chair of the Wellesley College Institutional Review Board, Council Member of the Section on Children and Youth of the American Sociological Association (2003-2005, 2007-2009), peer reviewer for numerous journals and research conferences, expert witness in the 2004 Hancock v. Driscoll education reform case before the Massachusetts Superior Court, and member of the Governor’s Commission on School Readiness (2001).

Dr. Marshall received her B.A. in Child Development in Society from Oberlin College, her M.A. in Child Development and Family Relations from the University of Connecticut and her Ed.D. in Comparative Human Development from Harvard University.