Mental Health Projects

mentalhealth keyareas smWork by scholars at the Wellesley Centers for Women led to Relational-Cultural Theory, an understanding that has dramatically changed counseling and psychotherapy practices. Through training institutes, this work continues to be developed and implemented. Researchers committed to the prevention of depression in at-risk youth have undertaken studies to identify effective intervention programming for adolescents and families. Trainers and educators at the Centers develop curricula and facilitate training to promote social-emotional learning in elementary schools.



  • Community Dialogue and Needs Assessment for Addressing Traumatic Stress among African Resettled Refugee Youth in New Hampshire

    2007 - 2011

    The project involves a needs assessment of child and adolescent refugee mental health services in New Hampshire and utilizes community dialogue strategies for integrating youth, family, provider, school and community knowledge and expertise towards addressing refugee mental health needs especially as it relates to trauma and in the context of resettlement.

  • Jean Baker Miller Training Institute

    1995 - 2018

    The work of the Jean Baker Miller Training Institute was centered around the research and practice of Relational-Cultural Theory. The Institute offered training programs and produced publications focused on the idea that growth-fostering relationships are central to positive human development. In 2018, it grew into the International Center for Growth in Connection, an independent non-profit organization.

  • Adult Memories and Consequences and Recovery from Child Sexual Abuse

    1994 - 1997

    This research looked at longitudinal data about adult memories of abuse-related traumas from childhood. Findings from this project can be used to design interventions for and promote the health and wellbeing of victims of childhood sexual abuse and violence.

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