Mental Health Projects

mentalhealth keyareas smWork by scholars at the Wellesley Centers for Women led to Relational-Cultural Theory, an understanding that has dramatically changed counseling and psychotherapy practices. Through training institutes, this work continues to be developed and implemented. Researchers committed to the prevention of depression in at-risk youth have undertaken studies to identify effective intervention programming for adolescents and families. Trainers and educators at the Centers develop curricula and facilitate training to promote social-emotional learning in elementary schools.


  • Ministering to the Blue: Depression prevention for college students

    Ongoing since 2019

    Ministering to the Blue is a pilot study to prevent depression in Wellesley College students.

  • Promoting Health and Wellbeing in Adolescents and Families through a Web-based Resource

    Ongoing since: 2018

    This project will result in a better understanding of the factors that contribute to the long-term prevention of adolescent depression, including individual and family factors that influence intervention use and response.

  • Primary Care and Community-Based Prevention of Mental Disorders in Adolescents

    Ongoing since 2018

    This multi-year study will test of two approaches -- the online intervention CATCH-IT and an in-person group therapy intervention, POD -- to see which can prevent depression in teens.

  • Depression/Suicide Prevention for Adolescents in Holliston

    Ongoing Since 2017

    Youth depression is a problem of major proportions, and over half of all teens who plan or attempt suicide have a mood disorder at the time.

  • Depression Prevention for Middle School Students in Natick

    Ongoing since 2016

    This project aims to implement an evidence-based suicide prevention program in the Natick middle school.

  • Depression Prevention Dissemination

    Ongoing since 2015
    Primary Prevention Initiatives

    With this renewal of support, Gladstone will continue her work training In-Home Therapy clinicians in the Family Talk intervention, and supporting the use of the intervention with In-Home Therapy clients.

  • Gratitude Project

    Ongoing since 2015
    Open Circle

    Open Circle will develop, pilot, and assess new gratitude components for its student curriculum and teacher professional development program.

  • Natick Depression Prevention Initiatives

    Ongoing since 2015
    An evaluation of depression in Natick Public School students 

    Hey NHS/WMS/KMS is a three-part program to address adolescent depression throughout the Natick Public Schools. The program will make an effort to increase mental health literacy in the Natick school community, and to prepare the community for a broad-based screening and intervention approach to the problem of youth depression/suicidal behavior.

  • Jean Baker Miller Training Institute


    The work of the Jean Baker Miller Training Institute was centered around the research and practice of Relational-Cultural Theory. The Institute offered training programs and produced publications focused on the idea that growth-fostering relationships are central to positive human development. In 2018, it grew into the International Center for Growth in Connection, an independent non-profit organization.


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