Amy Hoffman, M.F.A., a Massachusetts-based author and editor-in-chief of the Women’s Review of Books, read excerpts from her new novel, The Off Season during this November 2017 presentation at Wellesley College.

The Off Season is set in the resort/LGBTQ haven/artists’ colony of Provincetown, Mass. Nora Griffin, an artist, and her partner Janelle Burnside, a tech genius, have recently moved there from Brooklyn, for Janelle to recover from breast cancer treatment and for Nora to paint. But then, the charismatic Baby Harris flirts into Nora's life in her red cowboy boots, and during a damp, windy winter, Nora must contend with heartbreak, aging, and local environmental worries, while creating a mural she hopes will be her masterpiece. Along the way, she encounters the chain-smoking, motor scooter–driving landlady Miss Ruby; Reverend Patsy, the vegan minister of the Unitarian church; and Brunhilde, barista extraordinaire and rival for Baby's affections. As the first tourists begin to arrive in June, Nora must decide what she really wants from life.

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