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Since 1983 the Women's Review of Books has provided a forum for serious, informed discussion of new writing by and about women. Women’s Review of Books provides a unique perspective on today’s literary landscape and features essays and in-depth reviews of new books by and about women. Women's Review of Books is published by the Wellesley Centers for Women at Wellesley College, in collaboration with Old City Publishing in Philadelphia, PA.

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January/Febuary 2015


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  • Science, Religion, and Politics
    From Eve to Evolution: Darwin, Science, and Women’s Rights in Gilded Age America
    By Kimberly A. Hamlin
    Reviewed byEmily R. Grosholz

  • Of Binoculars and Birdhats, Treaties and Toxicology                                                       Fallen Forests: Emotion,Embodiment and Ethics in American Women’s Environmental Writing, 1781-1924 By Karen L. Kilcup; Rachel Carson and Her Sisters: Etraordinary Women Who Have Shaped America's Environment
    By Brian Musil
    Reviewed by Shaeleen A. Meaney

  • Capital Matters... But So Does Gender
    Capital in the Twenty-First Century
    By Thomas Piketty, Translated by Arthur Goldhammer
    Reviewed by Kate Bahn

  • Those Society Has Abandoned                                                                           From Pariahs to Partners: How Parents and Their Allies Changed New York City’s Child Welfare System By David Tobis; To the End of June: The Intimate Life of American Foster Care
    By Cris Beam
    Reviewed by Ruth Sidel

  • Keeping The Mission Alive
    Sex Work Politics: From Protest to Service Provision
    By Samantha Majic
    Reviewed by Marianna Wesson

  • Art and Politics
    The Other Black List: The African American Literary and Cultural Left of the 1950s
    By Mary Helen Washington
    Reviewed by Dayo Gore

  • Photography
    The Meeting of Art and Technology: The Polaroid Collections
    By Ellen Feldman

  • The Radical and The Moderate
    Anna Howard Shaw: The Work of Woman Suffrage By Trisha Franzen; Alice Paul: Claiming Power
    By J.D. Zahniser and Amelia R. Fry
    Reviewed by Louise W. Knight

  • Field Notes
    In Memoriam: Maxine Kumin (1925-2014)
    By Robin Becker

  • Competition and Symbiosis
    Invisible Beasts: Tales of the Animals That Go Unseen Among Us
    By Sharon Muir
    Reviewed by Marianna DeKoven

  • Poetry
    By Irene Willis

  • A Lot More To Say
    The Feminist Porn Book: The Politics of Producing Pleasure
    Edited by Tristan Taormino, Celine Parrenas Shimizu, Constance Penley, Mireille Miller-Young
    Reviewed by Wendy Chapkis

  • The Chaos and Quiet of Karen Green 
    Bough Down
    By Karen Green
    Reviewed by Ana Isabel Keilson

  • A Black-And-White Photograph 
    Lovers at the Chameleon Club, Paris 1932
    By Francine Prose 
    Reviewed by Marcie Blanco

  • The History of Western Art
    The Blazing World
    By Siri Hustvedt
    Reviewed by Cassandra Langer

  • Lost Property
    Things I Don’t Want To Know: On Writing By Deborah Levy; Black Vodka: Ten Stories
    By Deborah Levy 

    Reviewed by Elaine Margolin

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