In this video series, Wendy Surr, M.A., Research Associate at the National Institute of Out-of-School Time (NIOST), and Ellen Gannett, M.Ed., Director at NIOST, explore the current issues surrounding expanded learning opportunities (ELOs). Surr and Gannett emphasize that afterschool programs and extended learning days should not focus on just more time in the day, but how that time is used and how well that time is used. Expanded learning opportunities offer a different kind of learning that can take advantage of different settings in the community and integrates both cognitive and social development in children.

Part 1: Wendy Surr and Ellen Gannett define what expanded learning opportunites are, and what steps should be taken to implement this new ELO landscape.

Part 2: Wendy Surr and Ellen Gannett explore the challenges associated with creating an expanded learning day.

Part 3: Wendy Surr and Ellen Gannett look at the benefits of afterschool programs and what makes them unique from activities done during the school day.