Research & Action Report, Fall/Winter 2012


Longing to Belong: Relational Risks and Resilience in U.S. Prostituted Children

Kate Price, M.A.

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Prostituted children, like all people, require nurturing relationships and belonging, yet they are vulnerable to exploitation because of their lack of secure relationships and histories of betrayal. This paper explores how a lack of secure relationships can create a dynamic for children to become trapped in prostitution, how current cultural assumptions reinforce the crisis, and where hope lies in a culture that is ready to disregard and incriminate children who do not fit the “innocence” mold.


Treating Eating Disorders at Midlife and Beyond: Help, Hope, and Relational- Cultural Theory

Karen Samuels, Ph.D. and Margo Maine, Ph.D., FAED, CEDS

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Although research is scarce, increasing numbers of midlife and older women are seeking eating disorders treatment, despite prevailing beliefs that these conditions only affect the young. Body satisfaction previously increased with age, but today 65 percent of midlife women express significant weight preoccupation and distress over their shape, appearance, and diet, threatening the health, wellbeing, and status of women across the globe.


It’s Never Too Late to Change: Neuroplasticity and the Hope of Change

Amy Banks, M.D.

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This recording of a webinar by Amy Banks, M.D., in May 2011, highlights the latest developments in the study of neuroplasticity or how the brain changes. By applying the concepts of “use it or lose” and “neurons that fire together, wire together” to a current clinical dilemma and to a healthy social teaching program (Open Circle), this program can help participants see how brain change affects everyday life.


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Other Publishing News


Linda Charmaraman, Ph.D. and Nan Stein, Ed.D. co-wrote “Is it bullying or sexual harassment? Knowledge, attitudes, and professional development experiences of middle school staff,” with Ashleigh E. Jones, M.A. and Dorothy Espelage, Ph.D. at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. The paper has been accepted by the Journal of School Health. Given recent legislation, increasingly more attention is paid to bullying prevention; however, student-on-student sexual harassment is addressed less. This study fills a gap in the literature by examining how middle school staff members view bullying and sexual harassment and their role in preventing both.

“Family homework and school-based sex education: Delaying early adolescents’ sexual behavior,” by Jennifer Grossman, Ph.D., has been accepted for publication in the Journal of School Health (forthcoming). Early sexual activity can undermine adolescents’ future school success and health outcomes. The purpose of this study was to assess the role of a family homework component of a comprehensive sex education intervention in delaying sexual initiation for early adolescents and to explore what social and contextual factors prevent adolescents from completing these family homework activities.

Judith Jordan, Ph.D. authored “Relational Resilience in Girls,” a chapter in Goldstein and Brooks (Eds) Handbook of Resilience in Children, (second edition) published by Springer in New York; “Stone Center Relational Model in Norcross,” included in History of Psychotherapy, published by the American Psychological Association; a chapter devoted to Relational-Cultural Theory (RCT) in Personality and Personal Growth, Frager and Fadiman (Eds), a popular college text used in introductory psychology classes; a section devoted to Relational- Cultural Theory in Personality Theories: An Introduction by Barbara Engler, published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt; and a chapter on the critical importance of relationship for women’s well-being in Silencing the Self Across Cultures: Depression and Gender in the Social World, Dana C. Jack and Alisha Ali (Eds).

Sari Pekkala Kerr, Ph.D. co-authored with Tuomas Pekkarinen and Roope Uusitalo, “School tracking and development of cognitive skills,” for a forthcoming issue of Journal of Labor Economics. Her article, “Inter-Generational Income Immobility in Finland: Contrasting Roles for Parental Earnings and Family Income,” authored with Robert E.B. Lucas, has been accepted by the Journal of Population Economics, for a forthcoming issue. She co-authored with Edward Glaeser and William Kerr a NBER Working Paper #18333, Entrepreneurship and Urban Growth: An Empirical Assessment with Historical Mines, and HECER Discussion Paper 350, School tracking and development of cognitive skills—additional results, co-authored with Tuomas Pekkarinen and Roope Uusitalo.

Peggy McIntosh, Ph.D., authored “Too Much History Between Us,” in Unlikely Allies in the Academy: Women of Color and White Women in Conversation, edited by Karen L. Dace, published by Routledge, New York, 2012, (pp. 91-100); “Knapsack 2012,” in Occupying Privilege: Conversations on Love, Race & Liberation, by JLove Calderón, Love-N-Liberation Press, (pp. 29 -39), 2012; “Reflections and Future Directions for Privilege Studies,” in the Journal of Social Issues, Volume 68, Number 1, edited by Kim A. Case and Jonathan Iuzzini, Wiley Subscription Services, Inc., 2012, (pp. 194-206); and “White Privilege in Higher Education,” and “The National SEED Project on Inclusive Curriculum,” in the Encyclopedia of Diversity in Education, edited by James Banks, published by Sage, 2012.

“Shifting Boundaries: An experimental evaluation of a dating violence prevention program in middle schools,” co-authored by Bruce Taylor, Ph.D., NORC at the University of Chicago; Nan D. Stein, Ed.D., Wellesley Centers for Women; Elizabeth Mumford, Ph.D., NORC; and Daniel Woods, Ph.D., Police Executive Research Forum (PERF), has been accepted by the journal, Prevention Science, for a forthcoming issue.


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