Maureen Walker, Ph.D.

Senior Scholar

Director of Program Development at the Jean Baker Miller Training Institute

B.A. and M.Ed., Mercer University; Ph.D., Georgia State University

Directs program development for the Jean Baker Miller Training Institute at WCW focusing on relational-cultural theory in the practice of psychology and within organizations. She is also a director in the MBA Program at Harvard Business School.

Maureen Walker has served on the training faculty and leadership group of the Jean Baker Miller Training Institute (JBMTI) since 1996. In addition to her program development role at JBMTI, she is a licensed psychologist with an independent practice in psychotherapy, career coaching, as well as organizational and leadership consultation. She is also an associate director in the MBA program at Harvard Business School.

Maureen received her B.A. and M.Ed. from Mercer University. Prior to her graduate studies in psychology at Georgia State University, Maureen worked in public education and served as executive director of a women’s center that provided career and leadership development training for women. Her passion for helping women to live in empowering relationships provided the focus of much of her graduate and early career work. In addition, her experience as a facilitator and organizer of civic dialogues is reflected in her commitment to applying the conceptual models of Relational-Cultural Theory to the work of healing social and cultural divides.

The author of several working papers in the Stone Center Works in Progress Series, Maureen has also written several articles and textbook chapters. She is also co-editor of two books: How Connections Heal and The Complexity of Connection. In addition to her clinical practice and publications, Maureen conducts workshops nationally on developing relational intelligence in organizations, empowering relational leadership, practicing culturally competent psychotherapy, and connecting spirituality and social activism. Other teaching and publication projects involve exploring linkages between social–cultural identities and relational development, the impact of disordered power relations on mental health, as well as the interface of faith, social justice, and relational practice.

Books Maureen Would Recommend

  • Miller, Jean Baker (1976) Toward a New Psychology of Women
  • Wexler, Bruce (2008) Brain and Culture: Neurobiology, Ideology, and Social change
  • Chittister, Joan, (1998) Heart of Flesh: A Feminist Spirituality for Women and Men
  • Collins, Patricia Hill (2000) Black Feminist Thought
  • Cushman, Philip (1995) Constructing America, Constructing the Self

Partial List of Publications

  • Co-editor, How Connections Heal, Guilford Press, 2004
  • Co-editor, The Complexity of Connection, Guilford Press, 2004
  • Contributing Author, Diversity and Development: Critical Contexts that Our Lives and Relationships, Brooks-Cole, 2004
  • Contributing Author, Diversity in College Settings, Routlege Press, 1999.
  • Contributing Author, The Complete Guide to Mental Health for Women , Beacon Press, 2003
  • Contributor, Managing Across Difference, M. Gentile, ( CD-Rom management training product by Harvard Business School Publishing, 1996)
  • Racial Identification and Feminism: A Synthesis of Perspectives for a Focused Group Intervention, Cross-Cultural Counseling and Psychotherapy Roundtable Teacher’s College (Published Proceedings of 1991 Symposium)
  • Author/ contributing author of numerous Stone Center Works in Progress including :
    • Race, self, and society: Relational challenges in a culture of disconnection
    • Therapist’s authenticity
    • Shame and Humiliation: From isolation to relational transformation
    • Racial Images and Relational Possibilities
    • How Therapy Helps When the Culture Hurts
    • Power and Effectiveness: Envisioning an Alternative Paradigm