Ongoing since 2014

Principal Investigator: Autumn Green, Ph.D.

Project Staff: Angelica Montealegre - Hawaii Community College; Cristal A Ramirez - Kauai Community College; Lillian Kekaualua - University of Hawaii Hilo; Jordan Hocker - University of Hawaii Maui College; Anela Apo - University of Hawaii Manoa; Nubia Stoy - Honolulu Community College; Inthava Phanthanouvong - University of Hawaii West Oahu

Project Overview:

Find Your Way is a guidebook series created from the findings of the Student Parents on Campus Research Initiative — the first nationally comprehensive study of U.S. student parent programs and support services on college and university campuses. Find Your Way is a sister project of the Campus Family Housing Database, a complete national database of colleges and universities that allow students to live with their children in campus housing. Find Your Way expands this database to include campuses that offer other student parent support services or programs, but do not offer family housing.   

Led by Autumn Green, Ph.D., of WCW’s Higher Education Access for Student Parents Research Initiative, the research team has learned how few institutions of higher education offer these types of programs, despite the fact that one in five U.S. college students is a parent. Their research has also revealed national and regional patterns of systemic exclusion and disadvantage for student parents seeking to advance their education, credentials, and career prospects through higher education. Importantly, student parents are disproportionately female, students of color, first-generation, and low-income students — making their inclusion in higher education a matter not only of educational equity based on parenting status, but also of racial and economic justice and gender equity.  


The research team has been working its way across the six regions of the United States as defined by the jurisdictions of the corresponding regional higher education commissions and associations. Data has been collected in New England (2014-2015), the Mid-Atlantic region (2015-2016), Texas (2016-2017), and Florida (2017-2018). In 2020, a study of the Western and Pacific Northwest regions got underway in partnership with University of Hawaii's Bridge to Hope program, and a team of student parent researchers attending two- and four-year institutions across the University of Hawaii system. In 2021, the research team is initiating new partnerships to support data collection in the remaining regions, in order to finalize a complete national dataset. 


When it is released, the database and analysis findings will be publicly shared and disseminated, and made available for secondary analysis by other researchers. New resource guides and online tools will be developed to support educational access and success for student parents, and the researchers will work with advocacy organizations and higher education institutions to inform higher education policy and practice. This includes efforts to support, encourage, and enforce the provision of support services and existing legal protections for student parents, and encourage and promote the growth of student parent support services through offering best practices to institutions aiming toward greater inclusion of student parents on campus.


Current and past contributors to the Student Parents on Campus Research Initiative include Dr. Autumn R. Green and Sarah Galison of the Wellesley Centers for Women; Dr. Nicole Parsons of Curry College; Dr. Sheila Katz, Yen Ni "Annie" Pham, and Suezen Salinas of the University of Houston; Sahar Haghighat of George Mason University; Teresa Bill of the University of Hawaii; and Karissa Gibbs, Isis Patterson, and Meghan Cane of Endicott College. 


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