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The Campus Family Housing Database is a research-based tool that comprehensively identifies colleges and universities in the United States offering students the opportunity to live in college-affiliated housing with children. This tool is intended for use by researchers, higher education administrators, policymakers, and prospective students with children (and their advocates) who are looking for a college or university with family-friendly housing options.

Data have been collected and updated in 2014, 2016, and 2018 through comprehensive web-based searches of every accredited U.S. college or university as listed by the six regional organizations that oversee higher education accreditation. Any mention of an option or opportunity to live in campus housing with a child was recorded without regard to affordability, availability, additional eligibility requirements, housing type, or other considerations. Please note that colleges and universities may change their programs or offerings without notice. Our research has found that many family housing programs are closing. Information in this database is up-to-date as of spring 2019. Please check with the listed institutions for current information and availability on their family housing programs.

For questions: Autumn Green,

Please note that institutions may change their program offerings at any point. Please verify the current program offerings or any university/college or non-profit organization listed directly with that institution or program.

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