• Addressing DACA Impact on School Climate

    Addressing DACA Impact on School Climate

    September 2017

    Kamilah Drummond-Forrester of WCW's Open Circle took to the Women Change Worlds blog to respond to the DACA decision, addressing its potential impact on school climate and how social and emotional learning can help educators and students in challenging times.

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  • Women's Review of Books

    New Women's Review of Books Is Here

    September/October 2017

    The new issue of Women's Review looks at books by and about women on gender politics in Egypt, the demise of lesbian culture, the impact of China's one-child policy, and the writing of Pat Parker.

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  • Developing Babies’ Literacy Skills

    Developing Babies’ Literacy Skills

    September 2017

    Wendy Wagner Robeson, Ed.D., highlights the ways parents, caregivers, and other adults can help infants and young children develop strong literacy skills.

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  • Lunchtime Seminar Series

    Join Us for Our Thought-Provoking Discussion Series at Wellesley College

    October/November 2017

    Researchers, project directors, and friends of WCW will share works in progress or lead discussions on issues surrounding gender equality, social justice, and human wellbeing during our Lunchtime Seminar Series. Those who can't attend in person can watch presentations live on Facebook.

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  • Back to School, This Time with Social and Emotional Learning

    Back to School, This Time with Social and Emotional Learning

    September 2017

    Gwynne Guzzeau, M.S., J.D., of WCW's National Institute on Out-of-School Time explains what social and emotional learning is all about and why you may notice schools sending home forms about it.

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  • In the news

    WCW in the News

    Our research scientists and project directors discuss their work and share expertise with major news outlets.

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The Wellesley Centers for Women is a premier women- and gender-focused, social-change oriented research-and-action institute at Wellesley College.
Our mission is to advance gender equality, social justice, and human wellbeing through high quality research, theory, and action programs.



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Your gift the WCW 35th Anniversary Fund provides seed money to fund new, cutting-edge research and programming initiatives in three priority areas of research and action:

Educational Equity

WCW has pioneered work on deeply rooted gender and racial bias in schools and colleges, studied the impact of sex roles and the media on our children, exposed the educational consequences of sexual harassment in schools, and maintained a steady focus on the under-representation of girls and women in scientific fields. There is still much to do.

ADVANCING Women’s Economic Status

The fact that the gender wage gap remains a significant issue in the United States is just one issue women confront on a daily basis. It is essential that we work together to improve public policies and programs that promote women’s education, employment, health, and safety to close this gaps and all other lingering inequalities. WCWs decades of research on quality child care, the status of traditional “women’s work,” and on the critical difference made by women’s leadership, provides on the basis for progress in achieving economic justice for all.

PROMOTING Human Rights & Women's Leadership Around the World

As an NGO (non-governmental organization) WCW has developed strong ties with U.N. agencies, the U.S. Department of State, legal advocates, and NGOs around the world. We have built networks across Asia and the Middle East that are grounded in the fundamental principles of human rights. Our work helps empower women to use laws, policymaking, research, and advocacy to advance the rights and welfare of women, children, and persons with disabilities.

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