Erika Kates Projects

  • Gender and Justice Project on Female Offenders

    2009 - 2012

    In 2009-2012, Erika Kates, Ph.D., Senior Research Scientist and Crystal An, M.A., Project Assistant, worked with a diverse group of policymakers, advocates and administrators on three action-oriented research projects. These projects were designed to draw attention to the special circumstances of women involved with criminal justice agencies, highlight women-centered resources, and suggest more cost-effective policies and practices.

  • Higher Education for Low-Income Women: Advocacy at State and National Levels

    1987 - 2007

    This action project involved mobilization of scholars and policymakers to address economic status and women's educational and professional development.

  • Women in Prison and Family Connection

    2003 - 2008

    This project involves coordinating a coalition to identify best practices for serving women in Massachusetts' prisons.

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