How After-School Programs Can Most Effectively Promote Positive Youth Development as a Support To Academic Achievemen

Year Published: 2003


Authors: Georgia Hall, Ph.D., Nicole Yohalem, Joel Tolman, Alicia Wilson

A Report Commissioned by the Boston After-School for All Parents

This report by the National Institute on Out-of-School Time(NIOST) in association with The Forum for Youth (FYI) investigates how after-school programs in Boston can most effectively promote positive youth development as a support to academic achievement. By using the positive youth development approach, quality after-school programs can incorporate the supports and opportunities necessary for young people to succeed both developmentally and academically. The researchers outline key ways quality after-school programs can help to overcome critical barriers to learning and can support academic achievement and the well-being of children and youth. This report provides a review of learning theories explains the features and rationale of

  • the positive youth development approach
  • provides local and national examples of programs utilizing positive youth development
  • strategies to support youth development and academic achievement
  • articulates the particular challenges facing Boston in its efforts to build the capacity of after-school programs to promote positive youth development
  • offers both short-term and longterm recommendations regarding local actions and policy activities
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