• Women's Review of Books: November/December

    Women’s Review of Books

    November/December 2020

    The latest issue of Women's Review of Books tackles change, religion, and feminism through prose and poetry.

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  • Advancing Racial Justice

    Advancing Racial Justice Through Research and Action

    October 2020

    Panelists discuss how they advance racial justice in their work at WCW and share ways that others can take steps in their own lives to dismantle systemic racism.

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  • Despite Challenges of Pandemic, Depression Study Finds Silver Linings

    Despite Challenges of Pandemic, Depression Study Finds Silver Linings

    October 2020

    Tracy Gladstone, Ph.D., discusses the ways in which the COVID-19 pandemic has affected her mental health research as well as the teens she works with. 

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  • WCW Hosts Gender Equality Social Change Dialogue

    COVID-19 and Gender Equality

    October 2020

    Experts from WCW discuss the compounding ways that COVID-19 is impacting women’s work-life balance, economic opportunity, and mental wellbeing.

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  • https://www.wcwonline.org/2020/wellesley-college-students-begin-virtual-research-internships

    Wellesley College Students Begin Virtual Research Internships

    September 2020

    Six Wellesley College student interns have begun their work with WCW mentors for the 2020-21 academic year.

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Wellesley Centers for Women 

is a research and action institute at Wellesley College that is focused on women and gender and driven by social change.
Our mission is to advance gender equality, social justice, and human wellbeing through high-quality research, theory, and action programs.



A World That Is Good for Women Is Good for Everyone TM


Year Published: 2005

Authors: Carrie Cuthbert, Monica Ghosh Driggers, J.D., Kim Slote, Rita Sikhondze

This supplement is intended for use in conjunction with our human rights report, Battered Mothers Speak Out: A Human Rights Report on Domestic Violence and Child Custody in the Massachusetts Family Courts. It is primarily intended for survivors, advocates, researchers and others interested in replicating the project in their own communities. In it, we provide sample documents used in each major phase of the project, and brief explanations of the context in which they were used. We also provide resource lists of other human rights documentation projects completed in the United States and other organizations in this country working on domestic violence, child custody and family court issues. We hope as well that these materials will serve as a broad model for integrating research with social action and public education.

Project: Women's Rights Network

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