Afterschool Matters Fall 2011

Year Published: 2011

SKU: FD204

Author: National Institute on Out-of-School Time

In this Issue:

  • 'English Learners and Out-of-School Time Programs: The Potential of OST Programs to Foster EL Success'
    By Julie Maxwell-Jolly
  • 'Learning English and Beyond: A Holistic Approach to Supporting English Learners in Afterschool'
    By Jhumpa Bhattacharya and Jimena Quiroga
  • 'Éxito: Keeping High-risk Youth on Track to Graduation through Out-ofschool Time Supports'
    By Tracey Hartmann, Deborah Good, and Kimberly Edmunds
  • 'You>th Are Here: Promoting Youth Spaces through Community Mapping'
    By Kathrin C. Walker and Rebecca N. Saito
  • 'A Place for the Arts: Lessons Learned from an Afterschool Art Experience with Reclaimed Materials'
    By Angela Eckhoff, Amy Hallenbeck, and Mindy Spearman
  • 'Power Sharing: Building Community School Relationships from Friendship to Marriage'
    By Carol R. Hill
  • 'Researcher' s Notebook: Converging issues in an Out-of-school Time Program for African Refugee Children'
    By Michelle Porche


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