Sexual Assault Forensic Exams—DNA and Justice Responses to Sexual Assault

Team Bios

Linda M. Williams, Ph.D.

Linda M. Williams, Ph.D., is Co-Principal Investigator and serves as the Project Director and provides leadership for the project. Dr. Williams is responsible for all aspects of the conduct and management of the project, accomplishment of goals and objectives, supervision of all project personnel, cooperation with NIJ, and administrative and financial compliance. She leads the collection of data from sexual assault kit reports and coordination with site data managers.

April Pattavina, Ph.D.

April Pattavina, Ph.D., is Co-Principal Investigator and Co-Director of this project and brings expertise in policing research and statistical analyses to the project. Dr Pattavina assists in the overall administration of the project, coordinates all efforts on quantitative data collection and analysis and provides leadership for the project.

Mary Frederick

Mary Frederick is the project manager and oversees all the projects administrative tasks including assisting with supervision of research sites and assignment of cases to research assistants, monitoring budgets, project timelines and fidelity, and supervising data entry staff. She is responsible for the oversight off-site compliance with data collection protocol, assuring compliance with requirements for research with human participants, and managing collected data.

Amanda Richer, M. A.

Amanda Richer, M. A. is a research associate on this project and has been involved in numerous aspects including review of the DNA data collection forms, data entry, data cleaning and data management. Ms. Richer works with field researchers and has been involved in reviewing data forms to assure accuracy of data collected. She also manages the influx of data entered from multiple data sources into their corresponding dataset.


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