Project Directors: Susan McGee Bailey, Ph.D., Patricia Campbell, Ph.D.
Funder: National Science Foundation

This project seeks to help scientific researchers better communicate their findings on gender as it relates to science, technology, engineering and math to key audiences: media, advocates, policy makers, public.

The Wellesley Centers for Women and Campbell-Kibler Associates seek to help researchers in gender and the sciences better communicate their work to the media, policy makers, and advocates while helping media to better understand issues of gender and science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).


This project is developing a variety of materials to do this, including:

a series of research briefs on “hot topics” in gender and STEM education and careers:

    * short downloadable audio-visual messages from researchers on compelling issues related to gender and STEM research

    * interactive modules on how gender ideologies influence what people do and don’t “hear” from research and how researchers can work with gender ideologies to better ensure their results can be heard

    * “tools” for getting the research methods out, including PowerPoint presentations and talking points that can help in communicating research results in ways that are accurate, understandable, and usable to the public

    * “tips” to finding and assessing research on gender and gender and race/ethnicity and STEM.


The materials are being distributed through the project website, FairerScience.org where visitors are encouraged to contribute to discussions on the project's blog. Additional work is being done on ways to use wikis to expand the electronic community of STEM gender researchers and advocates.