Alice Frye Projects


    • Attachment- and Mindfulness-Based Interventions

      Completed in 2009

      Interventions based on exploring intergenerational attachment patterns and learning to use mindfulness exercises can be useful in helping pregnant and parenting teens modulate their reactions to stress.

    • Cambodian Working Mothers in Lowell, MA: A qualitative study on acculturation and work-family balance

      Completed 2011
      Acculturation and work-family balance for Cambodian working mothers in Lowell, MA

      To better understand how the at-risk population of Cambodian working mothers adjusts to life in the United States—and to perhaps find more ways to help ameliorate those risks — this project aimed to understand how this population traverses the challenges of working outside the home and maintaining their roles as family caretakers.

    • Intimate Partner Violence, Motivational Interviewing and Health Outcomes

      Completed in 2009
      Proposal to train domestic violence advocates

      A collaboration with the HAVEN Program at Mass General Hospital for a proposal to train domestic violence advocates to use motivational interviewing with victims of partner violence.

    • Stages of Change in Intimate Partner Violence

      Completed in 2009
      Impact of stages of change on both male batterers and their female partners

      This project looks at the impact of stages of change on both male batterers and their female partners.

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