April Pattavina, Ph.D. and Linda Williams, Ph.D. work with police, prosecutors, victim advocates, agencies, and victims themselves to research sexual assault case processing. In this video, they explain why their collaborative research style is needed to understand the complexities of justice systems and gender based violence.

Dr. Pattavina and Dr. Williams are co-directors of the new Justice and Gender-Based Violence Research Initiative at the Wellesley Centers for Women (WCW). This innovative program addresses the causes and consequences of gender-based violence, and explores the social, health, and justice systems' responses to violent crime and victimization. Drs. Pattavina and Williams will examine questions like...What kinds of prevention efforts actually work to decrease violence against women and children? Why do so many cases of sexual violence go without conviction? How can we increase access to justice for sexual assault victims?

To learn more about the Justice and Gender Based Violence Research Initiative at WCW, visit our website: www.wcwonline.org/jgbvr

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