Afterschool Matters Journal: Spring 2003

Year Published: 2003

SKU: FD153

Author: National Institute on Out-of-School Time


In this Issue:

  • Transformative Work in Programs for Children and Youth by Lena O. Townsend
  • You Don' t Need a Weatherman... by Susan Ingalls
  • The Digital Neighborhood: After School Resources on the World Wide Web
  • Now More Than Ever: Changing Lives in an After School Theater Program by Carol Macy
  • We Think You Need a Vacation : The Discipline Model at Fresh Youth Initiatives by The FYI Writing Team
  • Suburban Myths by Elizabeth C. Knight

The Afterschool Matters is part of the Afterschool Matters Initiative. Afterschool Matters is a national, peer-reviewed journal dedicated to promoting professionalism, scholarship and consciousness in the field of afterschool education. Published by the National Institute on Out-of-School Time with support from the Robert Bowne Foundation, the journal serves those involved in developing and managing programs for youth during the out-of-school time hours, in addition to those engaged in research and in shaping youth development policy.

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