Afterschool Matters Fall 2014

Year Published: 2014

SKU: FD221

Author: National Institute on Out-of-School Time

In this Issue:

  • 'Curriculum and Professional Development for OST Science Education: Lessons Learned from California 4-H'
    By Steven M. Worker and Martin H. Smith
  • 'Keeping Children Safe: Afterschool Staff and Mandated Child Maltreatment Reporting'
    By Maria Gandarilla and Julie O’Donnell
  • 'Long-Term Participants: A Museum Program Enhances Girls’ STEM Interest, Motivation, and Persistence'
    By Jennifer D. Adams, Preeti Gupta and Alix Cotumaccio
  • 'Paper Copters and Potential: Leveraging Afterschool and Youth Development Trainers to Extend the Reach of STEM Programs'
    By Stephanie A. Lingwood and Jennifer B. Sorensen
  • 'The Quest for Mastery'
    By Diane Gruber, M.A.
  • 'The Role of Out-of-School Time in Reducing Hunger and Preventing Obesity'
    By Daniel W. Hatcher, Crystal Weedall FitzSimons and Jill R. Turley
  • 'Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Core? The Common Core Standards and Out-of-School Time Programs'
    By Suzanne Marten, Sara Hill and Anne Lawrence
  • '“Writing Is Not Really Something I Do”: Engaging Reluctant Male Writers'
    By Steven W. Garlid

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