Isn't it about the children?

Georgia Hall, Ph.D.
Letter to the Editor published in the Metrowest Daily News
September 14, 2005

The advancement of a citizen initiative that would ban same-sex marriage (Reilly Oks gay marriage initiative, Sept. 8, 2005) continues to strike an ironic note in light of the federal administration’s emphasis on strengthening marriageand seeing marriage as a protective factor for children. Of course, this is only for some families and some children.

Since substantial scientific research has demonstrated the “developmental normalcy” of children raised in same-sex parented families,and that such parents are “fit” as others to raise children, it makes sense that “legal marriage” in these families would also be a strengthening feature. Research from the “Same-Sex Marriage Study” at the Wellesley Centers for Women shows that same-sex couples with children passionately talk about the advocacy, legal, and emotional protections that “legal marriage” affords.Children in the study talk about equal status for their parents.

So let’s call it what it is. A vote against same-sex marriages a vote against providing for and supporting children. And who of us wants to fill those shoes?