Constructing Profiles of Religious Agreement and Disagreement Between Adolescents and Mothers: A Research Note

Year Published: 2012

Authors: Noonan, A.E., Tracy, A.J., & Grossman, J.

Source: Review of Religious Research

Abstract: This research note describes the use of latent class analysis to examine how three dimensions of religiosity—the importance of religion (religious salience), attendance at religious services, and frequency of prayer—cluster together to form unique profiles. Building upon recent research identifying different profiles of religiosity at the level of the individual, we used data from the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health to identify dyadic profiles of religious concordance or discordance between 14,202 adolescents and their mothers. We identified five profiles: one concordant (27% of sample), two discordant (25% of sample), and two of mixed concordance/discordance (49%). The profiles distinguish between various levels of adolescent/mother relations, suggesting that they may represent distinct family dynamics. They also distinguish between several variables (race, adolescent age, geographical region) in predictable ways, providing additional demonstration of the categories’ meaningfulness.

ISSN: 2211-4866 (online) / 0034-673X (print)

DOI: 10.1007/s13644-012-0053-6