WCW 50th Anniversary Documenting Our History Project

Since 1974, scholars at the Wellesley Centers for Women (WCW) have conducted groundbreaking interdisciplinary studies on a broad range of social issues impacting women and girls, families and communities. The Center for Research on Women in Higher Education and the Professions at Wellesley College was established in 1974. In 1995, the then Center for Research on Women and the College’s Stone Center for Developmental Services and Studies—which was founded in 1981—joined together to become a single organization. “Looking Back & Looking Forward: A Half Century of Social Change, 1974-2024” celebrates WCW’s achievements, recognizes its challenges, and anticipates its next 50 years.

This special initiative will feature a collection of historical information about the foundation, growth, projects/events, social impact of, and people/partners related to WCW’s research-and-action work. Commencing in Fall 2018 and progressing until 2024—the Centers’ 50th anniversary year—pieces for the collection will be produced, curated, and archived on the WCW website--much of the collection will be oral history narratives. The collection will also be used to support the production of a book, exhibit, and/or documentary film about the Centers.

The collection will include presentations by key players in WCW’s history who will tie WCW’s work and influence to the women’s movement and/or public discourse; social, political, and/or practitioner impact; and its relevance today as well as insights that may inform the future. Interviews will be conducted and recorded with key players in WCW’s history who will share personal reflections, notable moments during their affiliation, and thoughts about the future of the Centers in the ongoing pursuit of its mission. Additional written narratives will be solicited and posted as blog articles or essays by invited guests such as past and current WCW scholars, Wellesley College senior leadership, and partners in the field, including academics, event participants, policy makers, funders, and practitioners. And members of the public will have the opportunity to submit via an online portal audio, video and/or written testimonials. Digital photos, publications, presentation materials, and other archival collateral will be collected, catalogued, and displayed in the online collection, as well.

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