Researchers Speak in Asia

Research & Action Report Fall/Winter 2006 


  Susan McGee Bailey and Peggy McIntosh traveled to Hong Kong in June 2006 to speak at the Challenges and Possibilities in Gender Equity Education: The Second International Conference in the Asia-Pacific Region held at the Hong Kong Institute of Education and co-hosted by the Equal Opportunities Commission.

Bailey presented "Educating Girls and Boys: What the Research Tells Us" during the keynote plenary session. McIntosh co-led a Positions & Identities session, "Professional Development of Teachers’ Identities: An Example from the United States," with Betty Eng, SEED Seminar Leader in Hong Kong who teaches at the City University of Hong Kong.

Two high school teachers from Taiwan attended the SEED New Leaders’ Week in California in July and will now co-lead their own school-based, monthly SEED seminar at the Taipai Municipal Lishan High School. Mimi Cheng and Cindy Yuan will hold their SEED seminar in Mandarin. In addition, Carolyn Urquhart, a teacher from the International School of Tanganyika in Tanzania, attended the New Leaders’ Week and will lead the third SEED seminar her school has sponsored in the last four years.


Researchers Speak in Asia