• New Study: 6 in 100 sexual assault cases lead to guilty verdict

    New Study: 6 in 100 sexual assault cases lead to guilty verdict

    March 2019

    A Department of Justice-funded study from our Justice and Gender-Based Violence Research Initiative highlights the striking number of sexual assault cases that never lead to an arrest or trial.

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  • Women's Review of Books

    Women's Review of Books Looks at Feminism and #MeToo

    March 2019

    The new issue features the essay "Listen Up: Was it Good For You" by Laurie Stone.

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  • Community Mental Health

    Community Mental Health

    April 4, 2019

    Dr. Tracy Gladstone shares data from school-based adolescent depression prevention programs.

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  • Black and Native Women's Voices on Resistance and Relationship

    When and Where I Center

    April 11, 2019

    Visiting Scholar Dr. Karen Craddock elevates the voices of women who share both African and Native American heritage to present a deep understanding of intersectionality and marginalization.

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  • Progress for Girls in Colombia

    Progress for Girls in Colombia

    March 2019

    Colombia has changed for the better over the last fifty years, writes former WCW director Dr. Susan McGee Bailey.

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Research & Action Report Fall/Winter 2013

international workBeatrice Achieng Nas, BSC, visiting scholar at the Wellesley Centers for Women (WCW) and IREX Community Solutions Program Fellow, presented on educational issues for rural African girls during World Pulse’s Tenth Anniversary Global Connection Event hosted in Portland, OR and streamed worldwide online in October 2013. World Pulse is a global network that uses the power of digital media to connect women worldwide to accelerate their impact. A link to the video is available online: www.worldpulse.com.

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