2000 - 2004

Directors: Monica Ghosh Driggers, J.D., Carrie Cuthbert, Kim Slote

This inactive project examined women's rights and continued indirectly through the Gender and Justice Project and the Battered Mother's Testimony Project.

As of October 1, 2003, the Women's Rights Network (WRN) is no longer running active projects. However, aspects of the work pioneered by WRN continue in exciting ways. Monica Ghosh Driggers, WRN's Policy Director, is developing a new initiative, the Gender and Justice Project, that will investigate the problems that arise when issues of gender clash with the justice system. She will also follow the developments that grow out of WRN's most recent initiative, the Battered Mother's Testimony Project.

History and Guiding Principles

Program Areas and Projects

Founding Co-Directors

In addition, the following publications and resources developed by WRN continue to be available through the Wellesley Centers for Women's publications office (781-283-2510):