Ongoing since 2009

Project Directors: Monica Driggers, J.D.
Funder: Boston Women's Fund


Through this project we will develop and pilot-test a new family court advocacy training curriculum for service providers who work with battered immigrant and minority women.  This project is intended to directly affect the lives of battered immigrant women by empowering them with substantive, strategic knowledge.  If, through their advocates, we can teach these women how to best navigate the court system without formal legal assistance, they will become informed consumers of the justice system; better able to insist on fair treatment and more skilled in accessing the resources that will help them rebuild their lives and regain their sense of security.  The content of this curriculum will be based on the results of our recent study (What Do Abused Women of Color and Immigrant Women Experience During Family Court Proceedings?  Uncovering the Causes and Effects of Discrimination-Based Human Rights Violations in Family Court Proceedings) that revealed the intersecting race, class and gender biases that battered immigrant and minority women face during divorce and custody proceedings.  The curriculum will be distributed to every domestic violence service agency in the Greater Boston area as well as courts, cultural organizations, and relevant professional organizations.