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  • The Orange County Register: Boys don't cry? Sure they do, and we need to embrace it
    Judith V. Jordan, Ph. D., of WCW and the Jean Baker Miller Training Institute are mentioned in this article about boys and emotions.
  • Duluth News Tribune: Speaker: Human beings are ‘ultimately social and interdependent’

    WCW Senior Scholar Judith V. Jordan, Ph.D., spoke on “The Power of Connection” in the College of St. Scholastica’s Mitchell Auditorium. An overview of her research on Relational-Cultural Theory is covered in the article. 

  • The Power of Love

    by Judith V. Jordan, Ph.D.
    February 14, 2012

    Today is February 14. Today we celebrate love. We utter the word love more today than at any other time. We represent it with bright red hearts and endearing words. Be mine. I love you. Pink and red and frills predominate. Of course we make money on it … chocolates, flowers, cards. It wouldn’t be an American holiday if we didn’t generate income from it. But also very American, we try to equalize it (if you’re going to send Valentine’s day cards in school these days, please send one to everyone in your homeroom … no need to create pain for the “unloved” on this day of generosity.) And I do remember well, sneaking looks at the piles of valentines on other kids’ desks. Did they get more cards? Who doesn’t like me? Ouch. That side of love.

  • Fired at 50

    More Magazine
    Lynn Sherr
    March 2010

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