Gender Violence Intimate Partner Violence Projects

  • Dating Violence Prevention Program for Each Grade in Middle School

    Ongoing since 2011
    A longitudinal multi-level experiment

    The goal of this study is to evaluate the effectiveness of grade-differentiated dating violence and sexual harassment prevention curricula.

  • Dating Violence Prevention Programs in Public Middle Schools

    2008 - 2010, 2011-present
    A Collaborative Multi-Level Experimental Evaluation

    The goal of this study is to increase the capacity of schools to prevent Dating Violence/Harassment (DV/H) by evaluating the effectiveness of current multi-level DV/H prevention programming in middle schools within a large urban school district.

  • Enhancing Campus Sexual Assault Prevention Efforts through Situational Interventions: Adapting an Evidence-Based Model

    Ongoing since 2015
    Gender Violence

    Nan Stein , Ed.D., in partnership with the Center for Effective Public Policy (CEPP), the National Sexual Violence Resource Center (NSVRC), the California Coalition Against Sexual Assault (CALCASA), and Applied Research Services (ARS) will address campus sexual assault prevention, with an overarching goal of contributing to national and institutional efforts to prevent and reduce campus sexual violence effectively.

  • Sexual Harassment in Schools: Concerns, New Directions, and Strategies for Prevention

    Ongoing since 2010
    Sexual Harassment/Gender Violence

    This project examines sexual harassment in K-12 schools over the course of 30 years and identified future directions for research, litigation and school strategies.

  • Adult Memories and Consequences and Recovery from Child Sexual Abuse

    Completed in 1997
    Remembering Childhood Sexual Abuse

    This research looked at longitudinal data about adult memories of abuse-related traumas from childhood. Findings from this project can be used to design interventions for and promote the health and wellbeing of victims of childhood sexual abuse and violence.

  • Attachment- and Mindfulness-Based Interventions

    Completed in 2009

    Interventions based on exploring intergenerational attachment patterns and learning to use mindfulness exercises can be useful in helping pregnant and parenting teens modulate their reactions to stress.

  • Battered Mothers' Testimony Project

    2000 - 2004
    Gender and Justice

    This statewide project combines human rights fact-finding, qualitative research, advocacy, and community organizing to document and address the injustices inflicted on battered mothers and their children during family court child custody and visitation litigation.

  • Creating a Family Court Advocacy Training Curriculum for Battered Minority and Immigrant Women

    Ongoing since 2009
    Empowering Battered Immigrant Women

    Through this project we will develop and pilot-test a new family court advocacy training curriculum for service providers who work with battered immigrant and minority women.  This project is intended to directly affect the lives of battered immigrant women by empowering them with substantive, strategic knowledge.

  • Dual-Trauma Couples

    Completed in 2009
    Couples where both members have a history of childhood trauma

    This project is attempting to address the question as to what happens when both members of a couple have a history of childhood trauma.

  • Homeless Women and Intimate Partner Violence

    Completed in 2009

    A collaboration with the Massachusetts Department of Transitional Assistance and numerous shelters in Boston, this study involves surveying and interviewing homeless women with respect to their experience of childhood trauma and intimate partner violence. 

  • Improving the Court Approach to Domestic Violence Cases in the Massachusetts Family Courts

    Completed 2008-2013
    Massachusetts Domestic Violence Data Collection

    This project will provide systematic data on court cases involving domestic violence in Massachusetts.

  • Intimate Partner Violence, Motivational Interviewing and Health Outcomes

    Completed in 2009
    Proposal to train domestic violence advocates

    A collaboration with the HAVEN Program at Mass General Hospital for a proposal to train domestic violence advocates to use motivational interviewing with victims of partner violence.

  • Longitudinal Research on Partner Violence, Child Physical Abuse, and Child Sexual Abuse

    Completed in 1998
    Partner Violence, Child Physical Abuse, and Child Sexual Abuse

    This study examined the ways in which physical and/or sexual violence within a family affects the individual, the family unit, and the community. The project focused on prevention programs and policies in order to better understand the varied outcomes of family violence.

  • Navy Family Study

    Violence in Navy Families

    This longitudinal study examined family violence within the Navy and was designed to help Navy leaders develop their family advocacy program.

  • Stages of Change in Intimate Partner Violence

    Completed in 2009
    Impact of stages of change on both male batterers and their female partners

    This project looks at the impact of stages of change on both male batterers and their female partners.

  • Women's Insights Project: African-Americans and Intimate Partner Violence

    2005 - 2007
    Domestic Violence and African-American Women

    The Women’s Insights Project was a study that is designed to explore the experiences of African-American women who have survived IPV. Specifically, the purpose is to gain an understanding of the perceived costs and benefits that African American women experiencing intimate partner violence face when they consider seeking help from family, friends, and social institutions.