Work Family Society Women's Leadership Projects

  • The Women's Sports Leadership Project

    Ongoing since 2008
    The Women's Sports Leadership Training Project

    The Women’s Sports Leadership Project has the overarching goal of collecting, analyzing, and disseminating information on gender disparities in organized athletics for the purpose of articulating a new vision of female leadership that legitimizes and connects athletic experience to off-the-field skills. The project features the blog.

  • Women's Leadership in Resident Theaters

    Ongoing since 2013
    Women's Leadership

    The Wellesley Centers for Women partnered with American Conservatory Theater (A.C.T.) to study gender equity in leadership opportunities in the nonprofit American theater.

  • Bringing Yourself to Work: Caregiving in After-School Environments

    Caregiving in After-School Environments

    Researchers of this project found that adults who have an awareness of their own relational needs and capacities have the potential to be more effective caregivers and role models in childcare setting, resulting in better outcomes for both the adults and children.

  • Building a Skilled and Stable Workforce for After School Programs

    Building Afterschool Programs: Workforce

    Researchers gathered economists, policy-makers, and funders to develop several recommendations for building a skilled and stable workforce for After School Programs.

  • Critical Mass Project

    Women on Corporate Boards

    Researchers will interview women board members and men who have served on boards with women among Fortune 1000 companies to determine how a critical mass of women serving on a board affects corporate governance.

  • Cross-Cities Network

    Completed in 2007
    Leaders of After-School Initiatives

    This project connected high-level leaders from different cities and states to educate them on the dynamic landscape of after-school programs. in hopes of directing the influence, funding, and high expectations of these leaders towards a "critical mass" of associated initiatives across the country.

  • Women in Community Development (WICD)

    2001 - 2002
    Women, Social Class, Community Leadership

    This project was an evaluation of a program that looked at the ways in which low income women benefit or suffer from various approaches to community and leadership development.

  • Women Leaders

    Completed in 2000
    Strengths of Women's Leadership

    This project examined the experiences of women leaders in varying fields, in order to teach other women how to advance in similar ways and overcome barriers.

  • Women’s Leadership Network: Women’s Political, Public, & Economic Participation in the Muslim World

    Completed 2012
    Muslim Women Leaders Network

    tinyglobe Through this project, a network of women leaders in countries where either Islam is a state religion, or has a large community that is governed by religious laws including Islamic laws, has been convened to build a body of scholarship that can be a platform for advocacy and sharing of strategies on emerging issues that bolster women's political, public and business participation.