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Since 1983 the Women's Review of Books has provided a forum for serious, informed discussion of new writing by and about women. Women’s Review of Books provides a unique perspective on today’s literary landscape and features essays and in-depth reviews of new books by and about women. Women's Review of Books is published by the Wellesley Centers for Women at Wellesley College, in collaboration with Old City Publishing in Philadelphia, PA.

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September/October 2016

    Unfun Feminism
    We Were Feminists Once: From Riot Grrrl to Covergirl®, the Buying and Selling of a Political Movement By Andi Zeisler
    Reviewed by Paula Kamen, Illustrations by Jennifer Camper

    A Spirit Leader
    Maya Angelou: Adventurous Spirit By Linda Wagner-Martin
    Reviewed by Farah Jasmine Griffin

    The Sidewalk Ballet
    Becoming Jane Jacobs by Peter L. Laurence
    Reviewed by Renée Loth

    Changing Women’s Minds
    This Book Is an Action: Feminist Print Culture and Activist Aesthetics By Jaime Harker and Cecilia Konchar Farr
    Reviewed by Judith Kegan Gardiner

    Scar Tissue
    The Spectral Wound: Sexual Violence, Public Memories, and the Bangladesh War of 1971 By Nayanika Mookerjee
    Reviewed by Ritu Menon

    Field Notes
    A Formal Feeling Comes By Robin Becker

    Embracing the Surreal By Brooke Burns, Photos By Maia Flore

    Philosophy and Action
    Senses of the Subject By Judith Butler;
    Notes Toward a Performative Theory of Assembly By Judith Butler
    Reviewed by Michele M. Moody-Adams

    Poetry of the Borderland
    A Crown for Gumecindo By Laurie Ann Guerrero; Aguacamino/Waterpath By Rossy Evelin Lima; Blood, Sugar, Canto By ire’ne lara silva; The Ones Santa Anna Sold By Raquel Valle-Sentíes
    Reviewed by Norma E. Cantú

    Poetry By Mary Ann Donnelly

    Aging in the Twenty-First Century
    They May Not Mean To, But They Do By Cathleen Schine
    Reviewed by Valerie Miner

    The Hubbub of Life The Japanese Lover
    By Isabel Allende, translated by Nick Caistor and Amanda Hopkinson
    Reviewed by Eileen Mary O’Connor

    Putin Does Not Believe in Queers
    Lesbian Lives in Soviet and Post-Soviet Russia By Francesca Stella
    Reviewed by Rochelle Goldberg Ruthchild

    Redemption or Salvation
    Virgin Nation: Sexual Purity and American Adolescence By Sarah Moslener;
    Rescuing Jesus: How People of Color, Women, and Queer Christians are Reclaiming Evangelicalism By Deborah Jian Lee
    Reviewed by Monique Moultrie

    Wait All
    The Single Ladies: Unmarried Women and the Rise of an Independent NationBy Rebecca Traister
    Reviewed by E. Kay Trimberger



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