Child Adolescent Development Sexuality Projects

  • Communication about sex in the nuclear family and beyond: Implications for health interventions

    Ongoing since 2013
    Sex Communication

    This investigation will longitudinally explore continuity and change in teen-family sexual communication over teens' transition to high school

  • An in-depth look at teen/parent sexual communication

    Teen/Parent sexual communication

    This project is an in-depth qualitative investigation of teen/parent communication about sex and relationships, which provides an in-depth look at families participating in the evaluation of middle school education program. It includes interviews with 32 teen/parent pairs who are participants in the Get Real middle school sex education program.

  • Analysis of Adolescent Family Life

    Completed in 2011
    Adolescent family life

    This project surveyed and assessed Title XX Adolescent Family Life (AFL)-funded research to assist in developing a new AFL research agenda that is applicable to prevention and care demonstration projects.

  • WILL: A Unique Model for Higher Education in the 21st-Century

    Female College Students, Roles and Relationships

    This project studied the impact of an undergraduate program that enables female college students to earn a minor in women's studies through comprehensive examination of gender roles and relationships and through mentorships.

  • Television Consumption and Adolescent Sexual Activity

    Completed in 2004
    Television's Influence on Adolescent Sex

    Conclusions from this five-year project focused on relationships between personal ethnic identification and television consumption, as well as levels of sexual content in varying shows.

  • Gender and Sexuality Project


    This project was composed of a series of studies investigating gender and sexuality. The researcher's work continued through the 'Television Consumption and Adolescent Sexual Activity Project.'

  • Decriminalizing Consensual Teen Sex

    Completed 2007
    Law and Consensual Teen Sex

    This project explored the ways in which states attempt to regulate consensual adolescent sexual behavior through criminal law.