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New book!! Four Ways to Click by Amy Banks, M.D.

FourWaysToClickCover Amy Banks, M.D., documents her C.A.R.E. program in this easy-to-follow guide, Four Ways to Click: Rewiring Your Brain for Stronger, More Rewarding Relationships, coming out in February; Learn more>>



Benefits of BOKS -- A Before School Physical Activity Program

GettingStepUp resized2Research by NIOST shows that children who regularly engaged in before-school physical activity through BOKS were by the end of the school year generally more physically active compared to non-participants, including on non-program days! Learn more>>


The Greying of the LGBTQ Community

LGBTblogHPBrian Fuss writes that the 6M+ LGBTQ individuals over 65 by 2030 provides some trepidations and opportunities; read blog>>


Seeking LGBT Parents in History

ssparentsHP Dana Rudolph writes that learning the history of LGBT parents and their children can positively impact children of LGBT parents today; read blog>>