Our enews update highlights the many ways scholars and staff at the Wellesley Centers for Women are shaping a better world through research and action. 
A Feminist Global Health Approach to Cancer
Countries of the Global South have seen a surge in non-communicable diseases like cancer. Opening our Lunchtime Seminar Series on March 23, Catia Confortini, Ph.D. will discuss this surge and the global health response to it in her presentation, Feminist Global Health as Peace Research

Drawing lessons from Nigerian breast cancer advocates, Confortini will argue that a feminist-informed, peace studies approach to global health is necessary to fully understand how global health interventions can advance, rather than hamper, greater justice and human flourishing. 

Please join us for the March 23 presentation at 12:30 p.m. in Cheever House (828 Washington St, Wellesley). Those who are unable to attend in person can watch live on Facebook.
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Connecting Teachers with Social and Emotional Learning Strategies

For three decades, Open Circle has helped teachers, counselors, and principals in elementary schools develop students' social and emotional skills and create school communities that are safe, welcoming, and engaging for everyone. Thanks to a new partnership with Panorama, teachers can now explore classroom strategies from Open Circle in Panorama's professional learning community for teachers. 

Creating Conversational Communities that Drive Change

Looking to create greater equity and diversity in your school or organization? Apply now to SEED New Leaders Week! You'll use multicultural SEED materials and methods to explore your own experiences and learn how to lead SEED seminars for peers in your community, creating conversational communities that drive change.

A world that is good for women is good for everyoneTM
Women's Review of Books

Read the latest issue of the Women's Review of Books, then continue the discussion about women, writing, and feminism on the Women=Books blog. Recent posts include:
  • Grace and a Gun: Tisha Brooks and Joycelyn Moody discuss works that document the spiritual lives of African American women and thereby change the national narrative by including Black women. 
Layli Maparyan_ PhD - WCW Executive Director
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