From 40 to 50

Initiative 4.2: Building for the Future


WCW’s organic process of evolution from two separate entities that later merged into one has meant decades of being housed across multiple physical buildings, both “on” and “off” the Wellesley College campus. While each of our buildings – Cheever and Waban Houses (original headquarters of the Center for Research on Women) and the Stone Center (original headquarters of the Stone Center for Developmental Services and Studies) – are of historic and sentimental importance, WCW has become a mature, thriving, and highly interconnected organization that would benefit from a workspace that reflects its stature and supports its complex activities. Stated simply, space and facilities enhancements would significantly augment our capacity to do all that we are capable of doing.

Over the next decade, WCW’s space must be improved, whether in the form of renovations and upgrades or new construction. This possibility invites exciting new opportunities for investment and collaboration that benefit the College and the Centers. Improved space for WCW will not only signal that WCW is a jewel in the crown of Wellesley College, but it will also signify that WCW is a serious player in the global arena. Such signaling will, in turn, attract resources to WCW and the College, bolster WCW’s research and action programs, and markedly advance WCW’s long-term sustainability. It would, in fact, be the ultimate way to launch WCW’s next half century.

Strategic Plan